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How Using External Providers for Marketing and ORM Is a Good Idea


Marketing and online reputation management (ORM) are cornerstones of any successful modern business strategy. In a world dominated by digital and social media, it is absolutely crucial that businesses make the most of all available platforms and channels to increase the scope and reach of their campaigns.

For many businesses, marketing and ORM are done in house. While this can be a good idea as your staff will be familiar with your overall brand message and identity, it can come with some drawbacks that many businesses are unaware of. Outsourcing and using external providers for marketing and ORM can be an excellent alternative and can offer unique benefits and advantages. Let’s look at some in more detail.

Getting a New Perspective

When business processes are conducted in house, the tendency is to stick to tried and tested methods that have been proven to get results in the past. While this may be an effective strategy for some areas of business, it can in fact have a negative impact if used for marketing and ORM.

By outsourcing your marketing, you will be getting a fresh set of eyes that will scrutinize and evaluate your strategy without any bias or preconceptions. This can prove invaluable; it can identify flaws or oversights in your campaigns that may have been missed from in-house teams and that may be negatively impacting your strategy without you even being aware.

Routines can grow stale, using the same techniques over and over again can make your message overused and overfamiliar. By using external providers, you can revitalize your strategy and create a fresh, new message to attract customers.

Keep up with Trends

The social and digital media landscape is constantly changing and evolving, with customer behavior and preferences similarly dynamic. It is essential, therefore, that marketing strategies are aware of and capable of adapting to meet these changing demands, and that they are malleable enough to respond to new trends and technological developments.

In house marketing teams often juggle other duties and responsibilities as well. This can make it difficult for them to stay on top of emerging trends in the social sphere. By outsourcing and working with external providers, like Percepto to cite just one example, you can be confident that your marketing and ORM strategy will be optimized for all the latest developments and is primed for any future changes.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

You could be forgiven for thinking that keeping marketing and ORM in-house is the more cost-effective approach, and that outsourcing to an external provider or agency will come with a hefty price tag.

The truth is, however, that using an external provider is generally more financially feasible. Rather than having to pay the salaries of a full in-house marketing team, you are instead paying a regular premium to a provider who will in turn give you full access to their team of experts.

What’s more, hiring and training an in-house team is expensive and time consuming. By outsourcing you’ll be able to avoid the often arduous hiring process and will have immediate use of a highly trained team.


There can be a number of reasons a marketing strategy and budget may need to be scaled up or scaled down. Sales fluctuations, seasonal changes, or new products can all require a business to rethink and adjust its marketing campaign.

With an in-house team, scaling can be a difficult process to navigate, it can involve having to hire more employees or cut back on staff quickly, for what is often a temporary requirement. With an external provider, the scale and scope of your campaign can be discussed and adjusted in real time, with the ability to expand or cut back on your strategy, often as simple as increasing or decreasing your payments.

Expert Knowledge

One of the most tangible benefits you can see from using external providers for marketing and ORM is the access you’ll have to experts.

Your campaign will be in the hands of highly trained and experienced marketing gurus who will know exactly what your strategy needs to take it to the next level. They will make use of the latest and greatest data analytic tools and techniques and will have the technical and industry know-how to achieve the very best results.


Using an external provider for your marketing and ORM is a highly effective way to get the best possible results. It can offer your company a wide range of benefits, you’ll have access to a highly knowledgeable team of experts who can keep with and adapt to the latest trends, you’ll have a fresh perspective to analyze the pros and cons of your strategy, it is less time consuming and more cost effective, and you’ll be able to scale your campaign up or down with ease.



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