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How do you make a Star Wars-themed party?

Star Wars-themed party

Is your child's birthday approaching, and you want to throw them a Star Wars-themed party? Best of luck, and may the force be with you.

Understand me. Kids' birthday parties with a Star Wars theme are a blast. The difficulty comes from the fact that there are so many potential protagonists, antagonists, and storylines that it can be confusing to choose where to begin.

It would help if you thought of this article as your Master of the Force. Read on to host the most epic Star Wars party ever!


Star Wars Themed Cakes

The absence of cake from a birthday celebration would be a significant oversight. When it's time to serve dessert, you can have a blast with a Star Wars-themed cake or dessert. For some inspiration, here are some Star Wars cakes from Toynk to try:



Fans of Han Solo's companion Chewbacca will love this Star Wars Cake idea. The Alaskan Malamute dog owned by George Lucas served as inspiration for this Star Wars cake.

The planet Kashyyyk is home to the Wookiee known as Chewie. His long, brown fur looks like a canine version of a monkey. Chewie has a sharp mind. Brown frosting and grass-shaped piping tips are all you need to make this adorable cake.



Fans of Astromech will find BB-8, the dependable and springy droid, to be another tempting piece of the Star Wars cake. All fondant fans will go crazy for this cake, which features a robot in the form of a ball resembling the number 8.



Celebrate your devotion to the dark side with this Star Wars-themed cake that looks like Darth Vader's iconic black armor.

Create a Darth Vader cake by covering a white cake with brown fondant and tinting it black. Next, combine some egg whites with vodka and corn syrup for a glossy result.



Anakin's Starfighter Delta-7 or Eta-2 would make a fantastic cake for a Star Wars fan's birthday or May the 4th. These vessels' firepower is formidable, making them ideal for either scenario.

Whether a bigger fan of Anakin or Darth Vader, you must admit that his Starfighters are the show-stoppers at any gathering.


Party Decorations

If you're thinking of a color scheme for a Star Wars party, black, gray, and white are good places to start. Accent colors like tan and blue are also an option. Check out Natalie Putnam's Frosted Events posting for her Star Wars party if you need some inspiration.


Games and Activities

Here are some straightforward Star Wars-themed party games:


• Jedi Training is a suggestion from VeryMom's Jessica Wise. Give your guests cardboard tubes and balloons (inflated with regular air, not helium), and tell them to keep the balloons afloat for as long as possible.

• Create a "Race through the Galaxy"-themed obstacle course by having competitors crawl under low tables or netting in search of a hidden object that will allow them to run faster than the speed of light and skip a station. We'll have hula hoops set up to represent the rings of planets, and guests will have to jump through them.

• These basic instructions for making pietas will help you create the perfect centerpiece for your party. Decorating it to look like the Death Star allows you to smash it open with a baseball bat or a stick that has been painted to look like a lightsaber.

• Without the custom of pinning a "tail" on a designated recipient, a party wouldn't be the same. Pin Princess Leia's pigtails to her head, Hans Solo's lightsaber to his side, and Yoda's ears to the bulletin board. You are getting it now.

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