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How To Sell Products Online Successfully: 5 Web Design Tips To Increase Product Sales

If you want to grow your business, a business website is an indispensable asset for companies of every size.
Today’s shoppers want convenience. In the age of fast-speed internet where the number of online users is so high, selling online should be easy. Yet, selling successfully online is more complex than it looks. Your website design and performance is really important if you want to sell your products and grow your online business.
With the right website design, the sky is the limit for your business. A sophisticated web design with all the right features can create a powerful sales platform and make your revenues soar.
When it comes to the most effective websites, look for seasoned professionals, such as Web Design London, to create your website. Business website design is a complex process that only needs one wrong element to make or break your business.
Business websites that convert visitors into paying customers are more than just modern and on trend. Companies that grow online keep their sites updated with the latest trends and features to ensure the customer experience is always high and their site remains appealing.  
If you need to grow your online product sales or want to know how to win more customers, here are four top web design tips to increase your online sales.

1.Highlight Your Strongest Selling Points

Imagine this scenario: A potential customer lands on your website, scrolls through the home page and finds no solid information about what your product can do for them. What do you think they do?
Easy. You already know the answer. They bounce – off and away, never to return. A phenomenon we call the bounce-rate and if your bounce-rate is high, your website ranking will be badly affected.
In marketing terms, your website should have an appealing value proposition. This means you need to clearly convey the value your products have for your customers.
The first step is to understand the benefits your products offer.
Once you have shortlisted the biggest advantages of your products, decide how to display the information in the most compelling manner. In this way, when a customer lands on your website, they can quickly see what you can do for them, hang around to learn more and become a loyal customer.

2.Incorporate Organic Calls To Action

One of the key elements of making solid sales online are the calls to action on your website.
Calls to action cause your buyer to begin to engage with you and begin the customer journey. From a sign up button for a free trial to registration for your newsletters, calls to action play an important role in your business growth.
However you should be wary of one thing - never fall into the trap of over-selling. People will only respond to CTAs if they don’t feel pushed around, if you use too many or put them in the wrong places, CTAs won’t work.

3.Open With A Video

High quality written content is great for your website but does pose one problem – a large proportion of users don’t like reading.
Instead, a professional, on-trend and engaging video is an instrumental tool to invigorate your online sales.
Evaluate the marketing strategies of world-class brands and you’ll find short, catchy videos and thrilling clips are at the centre of every product launch. You might not be a global brand - yet -but you can still harness the same strategy.
The demand for video content has skyrocketed and they are relatively straightforward to make. Tell a great story with your product at its centre or align it with a pop-culture movement to increase its value – the options are endless – the more creative, the better.

4.Improve UX Features

UX features are the elements in your web design that ensure your site is convenient and easy to use.  
Take your website navigation. There are a wide range of factors that come together to make sure navigating your website is simple and quick, such as loading times and mobile optimisation. Together all the UX features of your website make it enjoyable and easy to use.
By constantly checking and improving the UX elements of your site, you can ensure your customers are getting the best experience when they visit.   
With these four essential web design elements in place, your website has the foundations required to deliver successful online product sales for your business.

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