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5 Tips to Build Your Online Presence in the Construction Industry

All businesses are learning about the importance of establishing a digital presence, and construction companies and contractors are no different.
On the surface, construction may not seem like a field that requires mass integration to the web. However, competition is fierce, and businesses in this industry need to build a brand presence online or risk losing customers to tech-savvy competitors.
The problem is not many construction professionals think building a digital presence is important or a useful way to spend time. If this sounds like you read on for some clear-cut ways that you can increase your online presence in the construction industry.

1. Licensing

First off, if you are not already a licensed builder or contractor, you should look into getting certified.
Perhaps you and your crew have made it this far without a license and see no reason to change the way things are. Well, clients and business owners are likely to search for their next contractor or builder through the web. They may specify that they are searching for a licensed practice, meaning your name won’t even pop up on the search if you don’t have what they are looking for.
To attract online customers, you need to stand out. That means you need to be competitive in your state, and that starts with licensing.
For example, if you live in a state like South Carolina, you’re going to be competing for jobs against many other contractors. Getting a general contractor license sc means acquiring the certification to take on big jobs and build a substantial portfolio.

2. Create an Online Portfolio

Any potential clients are also going to want to see what you are capable of. The online world is visually oriented, so you should be providing any viewers with an in-depth portfolio showcasing past jobs that you have done.
This is also a great way get your name out there and have it associated with some great photos of your work.

3. Create a Blog

Creating a blog and regularly posting to it will help you stand out online as well. When you blog on a subject that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, people tend to notice.
You will quickly become an expert in the eyes of your readers, and this will help you gain credibility with your potential clients.

4. Social Media

In addition to a traditional website and portfolio, you should also create accounts on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
It goes without saying that people tend to get their news through these media outlets. This means that you should be eager to get your name in front of them and come across as the easy and suitable choice for their needs!
Social media is not just a trend- it will help you attract an audience for your construction business.

5. Focus on Your Brand

By doing all of the things listed above, you are working toward defining your brand. Everything that you do online works toward this label you will carry, so it is important that you strategize with a thorough plan.
Make sure that everything you post and share on each platform adheres to your mission and values as a brand. By doing this, your potential clients will know exactly who you are and what you stand for.
It is only a matter of time before every industry is impacted by this global shift to a predominantly online world. To stay ahead of the game and be successful, you and your company must use this time to develop an online presence that only grows over time!

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