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5 Top Tips for Attracting Customers

You must care for your customers if you want to survive in business, because they are life and breath of your company. Poor customer service will result in poor custom, which in turn means a lack of profits, so you must find ways to attract customers to use your services over your industry rivals.

An Introductory Offer

One of the best ways to entice people to shop with you is by creating a fantastic introductory offer a customer can’t possibly say no to. Uber is a perfect example of a great introductory offer, because they are providing free taxi credits for new customers with a promo code, which you can find on If you can hook someone in with a superb deal and provide a fantastic customer experience to match, you might have secured yourself a life-long customer.

Email Marketing Exclusives

Once a person has started to use your services, you should attempt to maintain their loyalty by offering fantastic deals that are exclusive to your existing customers only. This will not only make a customer feel valued, but the deal could entice them to use your services again. An email marketing campaign is a great way to reach your current subscribers, so create a grabbing subject line that makes them want to click on an email.

Free Delivery Services

The expensive delivery charge at the checkout can be one of the most frustrating parts of the customer service experience. It is a nasty surprise a customer didn’t expect to pay, and this could result in them abandoning their shopping cart altogether to visit a competitor.

One way to not only maintain a person’s custom but attract them to shop with you is to advertise free delivery. Customers will be more willing to shop with you if they know the price they see for an item will be the price they pay.

Money Back Guarantee

If a shopper could be a little sceptical about a product or service, reassure them with a money back guarantee promise. This will provide them with the peace of mind they need to shop with you, as they will know they will receive their money back if a product is unsuitable. However, if you make a promise to provide them with their money back, you must aim to deliver on that promise or you will only create a poor company reputation.

Loyalty Rewards

Encourage shoppers to regularly shop with you by offering loyalty reward points. For example, you could provide a person with 10 points for every $1 they spend with you, which will add up over time and they will be eager to use the points to spend on different products or services.

In addition to loyalty points, you could also send them a unique discount code on their birthday via email or even a nice little surprise in the post. You can guarantee they will appreciate your kind gesture and will refer your company to their friends.

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