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5 things your employees look for in an HR department

Shockingly, more than half of employees do not trust their HR department, which means it’s never been more important to consider how your company can improve dynamics with their employees and ultimately, build trust.

Seeking regular feedback is key and particularly if you are planning to implement new changes within the company, on top of maintaining a close-knit HR system that helps employees feel more connected. Here’s how your HR department can help to foster a positive working environment.

Performance appreciation

A reported 10 million people in the UK to feel undervalued at work, which can hinder employee retention and productivity, so it’s in every company’s interest to combat this. Congratulating employees for the value they’ve added to their team or wider business can help people feel fulfilled. This might look like a company forum for shoutouts even or even awards. It’s also important for praise to come from senior levels, perhaps in a quick email or monthly catch-ups.

At the same time, it’s important to praise those who are consistently on track. Make sure the people who constantly add value to the company aren’t forgotten. Frequent positive feedback won’t go amiss.

Extra support in wellbeing

It’s no secret that certain times of the year can make going to work a lot less appealing, whether that’s during the winter season or a period with higher workloads. Support from HR departments during these periods can help to prevent burnout from feeling overworked or down.

Regular communication to check in on staff is important and if someone is going through a stressful time, you should reassure them that the company has their back. If an employee is put in contact with a qualified therapist with the correct insurance in place, this can help employees to open up.

Actions on problems

HR departments should reassure employees that they can help to action any concerns within the business, perhaps with another colleague. They might want to express their thoughts on something without bias, for example. It is also important to make anonymous reporting available in case someone wants to raise something namelessly.

People management

Typically, workplaces tend to reward extraverted behaviour, such as public speaking or coming across as confident in person. However, you should ensure that introverted employees don’t feel underappreciated. For example, some employees work hard but might not come across as outgoing. Navigating and managing a mix of personalities is an important balancing act.


Transparency can be fundamental to building trust between HR departments and employees with plenty of research pointing to increased productivity when the workload is visible to management. Workflow systems can facilitate this and can simultaneously encourage efficiency, with people more likely to showcase their value through their work to help secure promotions. Transparency must also come from HR departments and senior management to keep employees in the loop.

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