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Functions of Document Scanning Software

Document scanner software automates the capturing and management of electronic documents. It can include web pages, email attachments, and files on a network drive or online storage.

Document scanners also offer several functions, including image capture, processing, indexing, and archiving. They can be used with document management systems, desktop publishing programs, and imaging and optical character recognition (OCR) applications.

With highly accurate optical character recognition, document scanning software efficiently performs complicated scanning, data extraction, and indexing (OCR).


Capture software converts a scanned document into a digital file such as a PDF or JPG. This process typically includes specialized algorithms and OCR text recognition.

In addition, most modern scanning software apps also allow for cloud storage integration with platforms. It enables users to access and share files easily from multiple devices and locations.

Document capture software is a unique tool for companies of all sizes and industries moving towards a paperless office environment. It helps lower administration costs, improve worker efficiency and avoid data loss.


Document scanning software typically has several functions, including image enhancement, page detection, barcode recognition, and support for various file formats like PDFs. It also includes optical character recognition (OCR), which allows the user to convert scanned text into text files that can be edited and shared more easily than images.

Quality scanning software should be able to handle large volumes of documents. It can be essential for organizations with many remote workers who need to scan contracts, sales bills, work estimates, and other documents into a document management system.

This function also provides a means to store scanned documents in the cloud or other online storage services, eliminating the need to store and maintain these files physically. Having these files stored online also ensures they can be accessed from anywhere worldwide.


The indexing function of document scanning software provides a convenient way to find the information you need quickly. It also helps to make the process of archiving and retrieving documents faster.

A good document scanner software will include creating an index for scanned documents, which can be a full-text or field-based index. It will also save indexed data in a document file type, such as PDF.

The indexing function is essential to businesses that want to manage their incoming paper documents efficiently. It allows users to search through hundreds or even thousands of files quickly and easily.


Archiving is the process of storing scanned or paper-based documents and files in a safe, secure location for future retrieval. It prevents files from being lost or destroyed.

It also eliminates the risk of a data breach, theft, or malware infection. In addition, it helps to ensure that a company’s records are available during a disaster or catastrophe.

Many industries use document scanning software, including office professionals such as secretaries and bookkeepers, realtors, property managers, bankers, and financial advisors. It is also a critical tool for remote offices and mobile workers, helping them digitize contracts, bills of sales, expenses, work estimates, or other documents to stay productive while away from the office.


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