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4 Tips for an Effective Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a strategy embedded in most marketing campaigns. It's a method of gaining brand awareness while at the same time meeting the goals necessary for SEO. Over the years, blogger outreach has benefited from significant automation. Most marketers today no longer bother with manually completing some of the critical steps involved in the process. For example, there are already tools available to identify your target audience and find the right influencers or websites to work with.

Despite the prevalence of automation, a good blogger outreach service from agencies such as Ocere will still recommend making the campaign more personal. Instead of relying too much on the tools available, here are some proven tips that will make your blogger outreach more effective.

Get involved in the groundwork

Having an expert team working on your blogger outreach plan doesn't mean you'll leave all the work and decision-making to them. As the business owner, you have more knowledge about your target audience, and should be giving plenty of input on how to promote your business.

Your involvement in the process should help bring out important issues such as specific challenges faced with prior marketing efforts. You also need to determine and have a specific list of content that will most likely interest your target audience.

Set the rules and goals

If you have a team of people working on the campaign, everyone needs to be on the same page. When they are working to achieve a singular goal, it's less likely to encounter problems along the way. Also, differences in ideas and opinions can be easily ironed out when specific rules are followed.

Before you begin working on the campaign, you need to take the reigns as the project manager and business owner. Rules and goals should be set in the beginning to avoid wasting time by restructuring strategies and making adjustments.

Create a standard workflow

Like setting the rules, a standard workflow will ensure that everyone on the team stays on track. Since some tasks can be automated, it helps when you have templates for these repetitive functions. For example, you can use a tracking sheet to monitor progress. Another helpful tool would be to use a template for tracking the budget.

These days, project management tools are already available to simplify team tasks on an extensive campaign. Nevertheless, it still depends on the scale of work that needs to be done.

Experiment with various approaches

Blogger outreach is indeed an effective strategy in SEO – which also means that there's plenty of competition. What can you do so that your campaign stands out? Perhaps some out of the box strategies may help. It doesn't hurt to try and experiment with different approaches to blogger outreach. For instance, you can use trendy subject lines or use quotes from famous influencers.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, launching a successful blogger outreach campaign depends on various strategies and considerations. What works for you may not apply to other businesses. Personalising a blogger outreach campaign takes plenty of work. But, in today's highly competitive digital marketing landscape, it pays when you're willing to get the work done without relying on shortcuts.


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