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5 Challenging & Rewarding Careers for a Secure Future

If you are looking for a challenging career, this is definitely an exciting time to enter the employment arena, as there are some new and innovating technologies that provide the platform for new sectors. Here is our top 5 list of careers to consider in 2021.

1. Digital Marketing – If you are IT-minded and have an interest in marketing, training to become a search engine optimisation (SEO) technician would certainly be a worthwhile career move and after a few years, you would have enough hands-on experience to start your own SEO agency. Every single organisation in the world needs SEO services, so your career has a great long-term future and there are online courses that you can take to get you ready for entry level. If you graduated with a BA in computer science or marketing, this would be suitable and a leading SEO agency might take a chance and hire you as a trainee.

2. White Glove Logistics – Complex equipment requires specialist handling and training to be a white glove logistics technician would be a real challenge. Take the leading UK white glove company, Rhenus High Tech, as an example, this company handles the transportation, installation and repair of a wide range of hi-tech equipment such as ATMs, digital vending machines, medical equipment, fitness equipment, robotics and access control systems. This position would involve spending a lot of time attending workshops held at manufacturing plants, in order to become approved to work on the equipment.

3. Machine Learning – The field of artificial intelligence offers unlimited potential and if you enjoy writing code, why not get involved in AI development? This career would suit a person who likes to create things and wants to be part of the AI movement that develops software to assist us in many ways. Click here to find out why social media is important for every business.

4. Blockchain Developer – Another great IT sector that would provide you with a rewarding career, the demand for blockchain developers is already high and this will continue to be the case, as organisations (and governments) use blockchains for securely storing their data. The number one digital currency, Bitcoin, uses blockchain technology and this new tech is expected to boom, as the demand for technicians increases.

5. Personal Trainer – If you are fit and healthy, why not take the courses that will permit you to call yourself a qualified personal trainer? There’s no feeling like helping people to achieve their fitness goals, plus you will always be in top shape and leading by example. You could start by working as a fitness instructor and after a few months, become a freelance personal trainer and be your own boss. The course content includes how to assess a person’s physical fitness level, how to help your client set achievable short and long-term fitness goals, plus a guide on motivation.

With so much new technology emerging, anyone who is looking for career choices at the moment has a lot of very good opportunities to get into a challenging and rewarding career.


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