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Shop and rest

Shop and rest
Kensington High Street, a busy area in Central London, with thousands of pedestrians passing through every day, recently upgraded their seating to these stunning Woodscape Beam Benches. You can find these benches all along the sprawling high street, providing respite for shoppers for miles. The Naturally Very Durable Hardwood used in their construction, with each piece being 190mm x 190mm, is long-lasting, durable and extremely strong, so these benches work double duty as barriers between pedestrians and the busy traffic. Fully customisable layout The 3×3 grid system of these benches is fully customisable to your needs, with the addition of hardwood cubes to form extra legs and armrests possible at any point along the length (with available bench lengths up to 3 metres). The chunky armrests acting as a solid divider between the seating areas, helpful in these times of social distancing. With the lower tier of the system forming the legs, the bench can be customised to provide a main seating height suitable for your requirements, so you can choose the standard seating area height of 400mm, or extend upwards to 450mm as shown here to aid usability for all ages and abilities. The arm rests bring an additional function, as they become a ‘perch’ style seat at either end for anyone requiring an even higher seating platform.

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