How A Masters Of Education Degree Can Help You In Your Career

How A Masters Of Education Degree Can Help You In Your Career

You’ve made it through college, and you finally have your Bachelor of Education diploma. It’s now time to enter the next stage of your life and join the career world. But once you’re in, you find that the competition is extremely fierce. Your college diploma may have earned you a ticket to enter the professional world of academe, but it won’t be enough to open up higher career opportunities. You realize that it’s only another milestone and what’s going to take you up higher in the academic career ladder is a Master’s Degree. Of course, you want to earn your Master’s Degree from a reputable institution like Rutgers University. If you can’t find the time to personally attend classes, they also offer online Master’s Degree courses. Earning a Master’s Degree in Education is a wise career decision and here are some of the ways it can help you advance your career:

Addition to Your Credentials

Any professional should aim to beef up one’s resume. This is especially true for education professionals. If you want to get hired by the top education institutions and universities, you have to make sure that you’re curriculum vitae is impressive. Having a Master’s Degree on your list of educational accomplishments is a great way to boost your employability at any top institution you like. After all, these Ivy League institutions would only want the best to join their ranks, and they’ll be happy to welcome a Master’s Degree holder.

Ticket to Higher Positions

As previously mentioned, if you aim to move up the academic career ladder, you must earn a Master’s Degree first. If your heart lies in teaching, your Master’s Degree is going to grant you a higher level as an educator. If you prefer to be in the administrative department, it’ll also help add to your points as a candidate for a promotion.

Opens Doors to More Job Opportunities

A Bachelor’s Degree in Education is enough to get you a teaching post in schools, but your options will be very limited. On the other hand, if you’re a Master’s Degree holder, a school principal is most likely to pick you over other candidates without advanced degrees. You also get to have more options to choose from when it comes to which grade level you will handle. What’s more is that you’ll be assigned to teach a subject that is in line with your area of specialty. You can also apply for an administrative post and still receive favorable benefits compared to not having a Master’s Degree.

Raise in Salary

Aside from opportunities for employment and promotion, you also get a higher chance to better pay when you have a Master’s Degree in Education. A Master’s Degree should give you more confidence to demand a higher salary upon job application, but what usually happens is that this is automatically implemented. And since you have a better shot at promotion, you can also get a pay raise as you jump to a higher position.

Offers More Job Stability

Educational intuitions give heavier importance to employees with advanced degrees who also perform well. This means that you have more job stability. If you’re all doing well at your job, but the retrenchment is inevitable, your Master’s Degree will help you secure your position.

Improves Teaching Knowledge and Skills

When you choose to take up a Master’s Degree, you’ll be returning to your academic studies. However, this will entail an even more rigorous academic training. You’ll also have the option to finish a research study to be able to accomplish your Master’s program. You’ll be learning and gaining deeper insights into your chosen area of specialization. This will help equip you as a teacher, and you can also learn ways to polish your teaching skills.

Earning a Reputation as an Expert

A Master’s Degree program is focused on a specific area of knowledge. You have to choose a specific discipline. Once you’re able to accomplish your Master’s Degree program and earn your certificate, this will serve as a proof of your expertise on your specific discipline.

A Milestone for Doctorate Degree

Learning is a continuous process, and you can get to a higher step in the career ladder by taking one milestone at a time. Your Bachelor’s Degree was your milestone to earn a Master’s Degree. Your Master’s Degree is also a milestone to a higher stage, which is a Doctorate. If you want to maintain your advantage in the career race, your next goal should be a Doctor of Education Degree. This even opens up more opportunities for employment, promotions, and pay rate.


Earning a more advanced degree means having better opportunities opening up for you. At the same time, more responsibilities will fall into your hands. A Master’s Degree is an investment with high returns, but you have to learn how to give back and share your knowledge. That’s what a teaching practitioner must do: being a reliable leader and not just a taker.

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