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Ventx has over a decade of industrial silencer design. It exploits over 40 years of acoustic knowledge and 30 years of quality manufacturing. A Ventx industrial silencer uses a combination of diffuser design and an absorptive core section. Ventx serves the needs of the Petro-Chem and Service Industries to manufacture a solution to Venting and Noise in pipe work. We provide our customers with a cost effective and practical solution to their noise problem by offering a custom built silencer. Noise is a particularly difficult factor to predict and at the core of the Ventx design procedure is an advanced computer program. This specially created program allows us to see the noise level most likely to be created from the customer provided data. But it is not as simple as having a computer program. Interpretation of the data blended with experience help lead to providing a proven solution. A high standard of manufacture is required to make sure that our products meet the design criteria. Finally there is our Customer Service. To us this is one of the fundamentals of our business. The customers’ requirements may vary as the project evolves and Ventx are always available to help with different silencing scenarios. Ventx will help with a positive solution, and provide an Industrial Silencer to do the job.

Ventx Limited
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