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The unique sound challenges of petrochemical plants

Industrial silencers are essential for controlling noise levels inside and outside of facilities. These aren’t your everyday items though. So, when you need one, you must be sure you are buying from a dependable manufacturer. Having designed and provided these utensils for years, we can get you what you need. This could be a gas vent silencer or something different for petrochemical plants and other facilities.

Chemical and petrochemical plants generate vital products and building blocks for industry processes. The facilities are multifaceted. You will likely find huge amounts of industrial plant. Not to mention, they shift heavy levels of gas or air. That is while everything operates at high temperatures and pressures. Putting all of this together means areas can get noisy.

Noisy operations

Environmental legislation and noise control requirements have become stricter. Moreover, employee safety and health stand at the forefront of all processing operations. Making sure you mitigate noise efficiently has become a leading concern for process plant operators in this industry. These facilities have their own distinct challenges when it comes to noise. We’re going to discuss them here.

Petrochemical plants produce acoustical engineering obstacles. The operations mainly operate outdoors. As for the processing gear, it is often found near open-frame steel structures. Such operations run out in the open. Limited barriers are also in place to stop equipment noise from moving past the limits of the plant.

Something that compounds this is the scale and size of these operations. They utilise a varied and massive quantity of stationary sound sources. This is alongside miles of intertwined, complex piping systems. So, the noise levels from the facilities can be considerable.

Reducing noise

One way to deal with high noise levels is with silencers or attenuators. They’re designed to match a myriad of air-movement applications. Included here are open-inlet units complete with air filtration. Also, there will be in-line silencers for minimising breakout sounds from process pipework.

Units like these tend to be manufactured according to the user’s specifications. It is possible to design silencers with a layer of acoustic lagging on outside surfaces. This depends on what level of performance you need. You do this to further limit the breakout noise. What’s more, given the high heat levels in process gas and air lines, you can treat them with a heat resistant paint finish.

Do you want us to design a gas vent silencer for you?

At Ventx, the industrial silencers we provide aim to help all stakeholders. They support workers, visitors, and members of the public too. In addition, they can do their bit for the environment and wildlife.

You can rely on us if you want to secure high quality gas vent silencer designs and similar models. So, if there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know.

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