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Transformation is very much on the mind of healthcare providers today. Among the most critical issues facing them are addressing the costs of providing care, transitioning to a new model of value-based care, adapting to a market that is realigning, achieving the necessary scale to manage this new model and managing regulatory demands and risks. There is consolidation going on amongst hospitals, so that they can operate on a larger scale, as well as growth in smaller community health clinics. To stay on these changes in the planning and managing of real estate assets, healthcare organizations must navigate a complex web of government regulations, while satisfying the demands of multiple stakeholders across diverse networks of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and outpatient care facilities. Therefore, there is no better time than now to invest in Trimble’s solutions for real estate and facility management such as: Manhattan IWMS - for planning, management and optimization of the entire building life-cycle from site selection, through operations and maintenance of the real estate portfolio. CenterStone - for smaller real estate portfolios for space planning, utilization, allocation and operations and maintenance. This application interfaces with CAD, BIM and GIS to allow for visualization of the entire building portfolio. Workplace Analytics - for visualization of the state of your real estate portfolio, highlighting see patterns and outliers in the use, occupancy and cost of managing the portfolio Atrium - for capital asset planning, enabling you to plan and budget deferred maintenance on owned properties. Proliance - Capital Program Management, for managing multiple construction and renovation projects within a portfolio/program/project hierarchy to execute the overall capital construction plan on time and budget. Space Scheduling - for managing collaborative and other reservable spaces to ensure resource effectiveness. Trimble Connect - the platform to organize your collaboration in the design and construction phases around BIM projects.

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