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Whether you work for a local, state, regional or federal government real property organization, you are being asked to cut costs and yet be more responsible to your customer base, the constituents of your communities or countries. In the past few years, real estate portfolios have been slashed, staffing levels decreased and business requirements changed. Trimble’s technologies address all the areas which can transform the work you do for government real property planning and management. The applications that are applicable for government organizations are: Manhattan IWMS - for planning, management and optimization of the entire building life-cycle from site selection, through operations and maintenance of the real estate portfolio. CenterStone - for smaller real estate portfolios for space planning, utilization, allocation and operations and maintenance and lease administration. This application interfaces with CAD, BIM and GIS to allow for visualization of the entire building portfolio. Workplace Analytics - for visualization of the state of your real estate portfolio to be able to see patterns and outliers in the use, occupancy and cost of managing the portfolio. Proliance - Capital Program Management, for managing multiple construction and renovation projects within a portfolio/program/project hierarchy to execute the overall capital construction plan on time and budget. Space Scheduling - for managing collaborative and other reservable spaces to ensure resource effectiveness. Trimble Connect - the platform to organize your collaboration in the design and construction phase around BIM projects.

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