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Iceland/United Kingdom - March 15th, 2005
Iceland/United Kingdom - March 15th, 2005. DomesticSoft has added Control2Net-support for the "Web Enabled Multi-Channel Pulse Data Logger" (WEPM) and the Three Phase or Single Phase Electricity Meter (WEMM) from Setsquare Energy Solutions in the UK. With this support, logged data from multiple WEPM’s or WEMM’s can be easily accessed from the Control2Net web server cluster, either via the simple analysis tool "Control2Net Profiler" or directly to a 3rd party application via Control2Net web-services, the easiest way to access web data programmatically. As with other hardware types Control2Net can now handle thousands and even millions of WEPM’s or WEMM’s without any performance degradation. The WEPM is a powerful yet simplistic four-channel data logger that is capable of collecting any pulsed outputs and transferring the data over the internet using ftp or e-mail. It is also capable of storing the data received. This allows the running costs for communications to be virtually NIL. In addition it can have the capability of wireless internet connection so you can place the equipment anywhere in your building. The WEMM is a revolutionary low cost internet enabled Three Phase or Single Phase Electricity Meter which communicates in exactly the same way as the WEPM. The data collected and transferred can be used for Demand Management as the data is available instantaneously, It also has the flexibility to load manage through it’s inbuilt relays. "We selected to support the WEPM logger and WEMM electricity meter as they proved to be the most powerful web enabled loggers and meters on the market, but at the same time the most simple to use and to configure", said Throstur Jonsson, DomesticSoft president. "We carried out an in depth survey on the logger and meter market before we took the decision to work with SES on this support", Throstur continued. "We believe that bundling WEPM’s and WEMM’s with Control2Net gives the customer a new, very powerful and cost effective AMR solution and basis for their analysis tools, invoicing systems etc." Caroline Moore Setsquare Energy Solutions Managing Director said "This partnership with DomesticSoft will enable users of our meters and loggers to allow multiple viewers of their data online for a fixed price per year", the Control2Net have produced a cost effective solution for our customers which will enable them to manage their consumption in real time" About DomesticSoft DomesticSoft Inc. has over 12 years experience in street lighting and building control software development. DomesticSoft offers a comprehensive range of services from hardware advise to developing specialised software modules based on its highly modular products OPC2net and the web enabled 2net kernel (Control2Net, Thermo2net etc.). DomesticSoft's main product "Control2Net" has been noticed by the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering and was nominated for the European ISGT prize 2006. DomesticSoft, Inc. is a privately held corporation with European headquarters in Iceland. To learn more about DomesticSoft, and its products and services, visit the company’s Web site at For further information contact: Throstur Jonsson Tel: +354-566-8686

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