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Financial Reporting and accounting is quickly becoming the most important function to support efficient Energy Management. With an increasing number of UK suppliers, maintaining a consistent audit trail for energy costs can be increasingly problematic. SES can resolve this through provision of their cutting edge, automated validation service. Key Benefits * With direct data acquisition you need never pay an incorrect bill again. *Utility accounts will arrive at your account department pre-audited and ready for payment. *A complete paper and electronic record of all consumption and cost data will be maintained providing you with an accessible database of management information. Capabilities Maintaining a specific energy cost and consumption database allows organisations to focus on these cost centres, and support efficiency initiatives. SES use cutting edge monitoring and targeting software designed to verify energy account accuracy, design and monitor budgetary requirements and observe usage fluctuations. SES ensure that estimated accounts are reasonable, that meter readings are correct and that you do not pay for energy that has not been consumed. 1st Deliverable Support direct supplier data acquisition including e-billing capabilities. 2nd Deliverable Subject each account to a robust verification process including meter reading confirmation, cost compliance and budgetary conformity. 3rd Deliverable Forward only validated accounts and resolve billing queries thereby reducing the reliance on your internal human resources.

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