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Through Rational Network we supply our customers with a powerful and affordable software solution to manage distributed devices, like energy meters, street lights, pump controllers, etc. It also includes powerful reporting. The solution is web based, hosted by Rational Network, minimizing cost and skill needed to run and use the system. Energy supplier consumption information can be limited. Incoming meters are often for the whole site and in most cases for a monthly or quarterly period. Efficient energy management requires more detailed consumption profiling, either for the whole supply or local sectors where 'ring-fenced' processes are conducted. SES can provide a complete sub metering and data collection solution from meter installation to internet access of data. Key Benefits * Supports continuous analysis of consumption requirements and remedial programmes. * Informs energy management and production efficiency. * Provides realistic benchmark consumption details to ensure the most cost effective supplier rates are applied. Capabilities SES facilitate a cross functional data collection process, covering all major energy requirements. This includes the installation of metering and monitoring equipment (Data Loggers - dial-up or web-enabled (real-time) access), communication links, data collectors, data import and analysis. Armed with in-depth location based information specific strategic projects can be developed. 1st Deliverable A wide range of metering capabilities, supporting all major utilities (electricity, gas, oil, water) both on supply-side and isolated production sections. 2nd Deliverable Cutting-edge data collection processes including market leading web enabled, real-time data acquisition. 3rd Deliverable Technical analysis and strategic reporting supporting efficiency drives and value engineering benefits.

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