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SES conduct energy contract procurement tenders for electricity, gas and water contracts. Whether based on single or multiple supplies our automated procedures ensure that the most appropriate market rates are secured year after year. Main Benefits *Outsourced procurement tenders offering market related benchmarks. *Precise reporting supporting prompt decision making. *Automated so that renewals and cost opportunities are never missed. Cost Guarantee SES ensure that they remain independent from energy suppliers so as to ensure that the lowest unit rates are submitted for your consideration. SES do not take supplier commissions therefore guaranteeing that the costs you pay are those rendered by the supply company. 1st Deliverable Gather, cleanse and prepare supply data for competitive tender including supporting documentation and agreement validation (i.e. meter operator agreements, connection agreements, etc..) 2nd Deliverable Collate and analyse quotations from all UK energy suppliers, including interruptible, firm and renewable contract options 3rd Deliverable Benchmark offers against fluctuating wholesale prices and industry sector and assess compliance to regulatory requirements.

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