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SES can provide a range of professional reporting options supporting the procurement, validation and survey functions. These are custom built to have synergy with your companies initiatives. Additional services include Environmental Risk Management and Environmental impact reporting. Key Benefits * Created to your requirements. * Supporting regulatory needs. * Unique data collection facilities enabling "real time" assessment. Capabilities Continual monitoring of costs, demand and consumption are the keys to successful energy management. Each of these sectors requires separate reporting functions aligned to strategic business needs. SES' experience covers all bases and its reporting functions are key to your continued success. SES reporting incorporates market information, regulatory requirements, cost analysis, demand and production management together with high level strategic business understanding. 1st Deliverable Offering flexibility in design and consistency in delivery. 2nd Deliverable Multi-faceted data streams combined for assessment of the "big-picture" 3rd Deliverable Specific (to your supplies and business requirements) Measurable (using industry recognised techniques) Achievable (synergistic and cost effective recommendations) Realistic (understanding cost and physical constraints) Time bound (as and when you require)

For more information on Environmental Risk Management talk to Setsquare Energy Solutions

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