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Energy Management is complex due to the wide range of variables that can influence consumption. SES Energy Audits involve tailor-made site surveys by qualified energy professionals who seek to establish where costs can be reduced and efficiency maximised. With a revolutionary new range of energy consumption Data-Loggers SES are set to lead the way in energy management understanding and improvement. Key Benefits * Combines your supply knowledge with Action Energy Approved consultants. * Integrated analysis of supply requirements results from cross product assessment and successful data collection. *Resulting recommendations offer business-case analysis including cost management insight to support robust decision making. Capabilities SES project management all aspects of energy requirements, therefore technical changes and improvements can be leveraged and aligned with cost management. Understanding your business requirements is key to ensuring that energy management affords you production flexibility and input cost affordability. Energy Audits combined with consumption data collection capabilities ensure that system inputs and outputs are best managed to your competitive advantage. SES' revolutionary new data loggers ensure that web enabled access to instantaneous consumption requirements are now a reality. Such data collection processes are scalable to cover total site consumption or pre-defined environmental usage. 1st Deliverable Onsite surveys combined with state of the art web enabled remote data capture provide a global picture of your energy supply attributes. 2nd Deliverable Analysis of all aspects of energy consumption, including hours use, plant and process control, efficiency and insulation, compared against your strategic business needs. 3rd Deliverable Project manage delivery and implementation of business case for resultant recommendations. Full energy strategy programmes designed on request.

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