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The current pandemic has unfortunately led to a huge strain on the medical industry, in turn this has meant that the demand for medical supplies has also increased.

Many plastic packaging firms are teaming up to help manufacture these resources, like face shields and ventilators.

With the crucial need for so many pieces of medical equipment, the extra help has made a huge difference to the medical industry.

Plastic packaging firms have the equipment and materials to help produce these all important supplies, but who is getting involved and how are they helping?

AquaPak – Sterile Bags

Steering away from direct medical supplies, this British hydrophilic polymer manufacturer offers sterile bags for key workers, so they can bag up and wash their clothing, eliminating the risk of spreading infection.

This is particularly helpful for NHS staff who are exposed to the virus more or less 24/7 and it’s crucial for them to keep their clothing as sterile as possible at all times.

It’s not only the NHS who will benefit from these sterile bags, they could also help other key workers like teachers or shop assistants when they leave their workplace for the day.

You’re probably wondering what makes these bags so different from others? Being hydrophilic, these bags are soluble in hot water and therefore can be disposed of quickly and efficiently, without transferring the risk of COVID-19 onto other surfaces.

The company are also offering water-soluble aprons that can be put in the washing machine and easily dissolved without producing any excess residue.

TEQ – Sterile Casing

TEQ has production facilities across the UK and Europe, they are currently working day and night to meet the demands for pharmaceuticals.

They hygienically package and distribute their products to ensure their supplies meet the medical standards and are completely sanitary, when used on and near vulnerable patients.

Their range of packaging specialises in the sterile casing for medical tubes, trays and devices.

Bizongo – PPE

Supplying directly to hospitals across India, the Indian packaging company is currently offering personal protective equipment (PPE) for their keyworkers.

As a non-profit organisation, Bizongo is currently running a donation scheme where members of the public can donate to help fund the creation of medical products, to ensure there’s more than enough to go around.

The firm is offering the following supplies to hospitals and pharmacies, across India:

Ply face masks for doctors and nurses All-in-one coverall suits for medics and surgeons
Hospital hand sanitiser and bleach disinfectants
N95 mask; a heavier duty and protective face mask Headcovers and shoe protectors
Display Pack – Face Shields

The American food packaging retailer, who supply to companies worldwide, has been a huge help in making face shields.

With the necessary equipment and facilities to help manufacture the products for doctors and medical professionals, Display Pack are mass producing these products to protect those on the front-line.

At Rayda, we’re doing our best to operate, and supply our extruded plastics to customers and are more than happy to respond to your enquiries via email. To get in touch with our team, contact us by emailing

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