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Why We Co-Extrude Plastics


With there being plenty of plastic materials and processes we offer here at Rayda, we’re going to discuss Why We Co-Extrude Plastics and the different scenarios this is good for, so you can find out how it could benefit you.

What is Co-Extrusion? Two or more extrusion machines are used as part of the co-extrusion process through a single die head in order to merge or weld multiple plastic materials together for a durable finished product.

The plastic is then cooled to set the new moulded product.

Plastic co-extrusion allows you to combine different polymer textures and densities together to form one product, like plastic pipes, tubing, or cable protectors, to name a few.

What’s the Difference Between Plastic Extrusion and Co-Extrusion?

The standard extrusion process involves using one machine whereas co-extrusion operates with multiple.

Plastic extrusion also uses a singular piece of plastic and cuts this into varying lengths. The machines then go on to melt and process thermoplastic resins or beads.

You can read more about this process in our blog, here.

Why we Co-Extrude and the Benefits As we mentioned above, co-extrusion allows us to morph different plastic materials into one, for added durability and long-lasting wear. For certain scenarios like underground drainage, this is particularly important as the tubes and pipes must withstand high water pressures and wet conditions.

Co-extrusion creates a finished product that simply cannot be met through using a single polymer – some of the main benefits are strength, stiffness and oxygen permeability.

Rigidity and Flexibility

One of the most common uses for co-extrusion is where rigidity and flexibility are required in one product like a hinge or door seal where there is a rigid part to the extrusion and a flexible or soft part elsewhere.

This way the rigid part can be attached to a wall, door or another product, and the flexible or softer part of the extrusion could provide a seal to a door join or to the floor.

It’s especially useful in cold storage where you would wish to maintain a room’s temperature.


It’s also used in the manufacture of tubes for cost-effectiveness. You may wish to have a smooth or visually pleasing external finish, but good rigidity. Therefore, you would need a good wall thickness to the product, which would escalate the price.

With dual extrusion, you can use cheaper reclaimed plastic for the main core of the product with a higher quality plastic for the top finish layer, that the eye can see.

Complex Shapes

Plastics and sometimes even other materials can be moulded into more complex shapes this way and a wide range of polymers are compatible with the co-extrusion process.

If you’re looking for a company to co-extrude your plastic materials and advise on whether this process is suitable for you, the team at Rayda can certainly help!

Contact us here for a quote and more information!

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