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What are the Benefits of Polypropylene?


Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is used in various industries for a multitude of applications. It is an extremely versatile plastic and, as such, is the second most commonly produced commodity plastic in the world.

Of the overall total Polypropylene produced, a whopping 30% is used within the packaging industry, 13% goes to electrical and equipment manufacturing, 20% is split between household and automotive applications, and 13% goes towards construction materials.

So, why is it that this material has become so common place in so many different industries?

Polypropylene Benefits

There are a number of benefits which have led to the success of Polypropylene and allowed it to be used in everything from packaging and stationary to lab equipment and food grade tubing.


Polypropylene is highly resistant to heat, moisture, electricity, and chemicals.

It’s insulation properties, making it highly resistant to electricity, allows it to be used in electrical components of all types.

When submerged, Polypropylene has shown to absorb as little as 0.01% of water, meaning it is perfect for applications where water resistance is important.

It also does not react to diluted bases or acids, allowing for use in the packaging of products such as cleaning solutions. Similarly, tests have shown that, at room temperature, Polypropylene has good resistance against organic solvents, like fat too.


Polypropylene is considered a tough plastic due to its ability to ‘deform’ without breaking. This means that it is able to retain its shape after a considerable amount of bending and flexing.

As such, Polypropylene is an ideal material for the manufacturing of living hinges. These require plastics that can bend without breaking, they are non-loadbearing but need to be tough enough to withstand repetitive action.

Examples of living hinges are condiment and toiletry bottle caps.


Polypropylene is a rather versatile material for a few reasons.

It is easily combined with other polymers to manufacture composite plastic which allows for more robust applications.

It becomes liquid at its melting point which enables it to be moulded into shape and this process can be repeated without much degradation.

Additionally, the material is suitable for different methods of manufacturing and can be produced as a fibre for products such as tote bags.

Low Density & High Tensile Strength

Polypropylene also has the added benefit of being of low density whilst also having a high tensile strength.

This means that it can offer considerable weight savings without sacrificing strength. At the top end, Polypropylene is able to withstand up to 4800psi.

The multitude of benefits that Polypropylene is able to bring makes it the ultimate solution for a range of applications. If you would like to find out more about Polypropylene, and how you may be able to utilise it for your own requirements, contact our team today.

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