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Six Products You May be Surprised are Plastic Extrusion


Plastic extrusion is the technique of extruding small pellets of plastic through dies to create a continuous shape, with a fixed cross-sectional profile.

The benefit of plastic extrusion is its versatility. The process can combine two compatible plastics into one, which can improve product design, both ascetically and in function. It is also able to produce products in a range of rigidities.

While all designs need to have a cross-section profile, the actual finished product that is produced can vary hugely in terms of end purpose.

Plastic extrusion is normally associated with products such as pipes, tubing and PVC windows. However, it is actually used to produce many more products than you may realise.

Six Plastic Extrusion Products Bottles and Straws

You may not have paid much attention, but there are everyday objects all around you that are a result of plastic extrusion. Plastic straws, for example are the perfect shape for this process.

There are also certain drinks bottles which are produced using extruded blow moulding. This is when the product is inflated with compressed air after passing through the die.

Bags, rails and holders

Look around the next retail shop you enter and take a minute to notice how many objects, that are integral to day-to-day running, are a result of plastic extrusion.

Everything from the plastic rails used to hang clothes, to the ticket and price holders which are used in merchandise displays.

Even plastic bags are a result of blow extrusion and cut to shape.

Car Parts

Plastic extrusion plays a much bigger role in the automobile industry than many people realise. There are numerous parts of a car that are only possible due to the process.

Some of these include, windscreen wipers, door and window seals, wiring covers and engine hoses, to name but a few.


The extrusion process is perfect for the toy industry, where products need to be safe, durable and hygienic.

Examples of plastic extruded toys include, stacking blocks, shape sorters, crafting beads and fidget toys like poppers and stretchy worms.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is another example of everyday objects that are produced by plastic extrusion, but are often overlooked.

The football goal at the park, hurdles on the sports field and even some fishing rods are great representations of this.

Irrigation Piping

Plastic extrusion can even be found in agriculture. Irrigation piping that is used in greenhouses to keep plants watered can be manufactured through the process.

On a smaller scale, garden hoses are similarly produced.

Here at Rayda we produce plastic extrusion products to your specifications, or can offer a design for a specific purpose. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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