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In recent months, there has been an extremely high demand for plastics in a lot of industries.

Will this sudden spike in demand for plastics continue or fall in the next few weeks? We’re looking into how our industry is set to change after COVID-19.

Why are People Choosing Plastic at the Moment?

The main increase in the demand for plastics has come from the need for hygienic equipment and products for people’s daily lives but also for the medical industry.

For example, many members of the public have switched to pre-packaged food in supermarkets to avoid contamination and enhance cleanliness.

This also applies to many other pre-packaged products, as people feel safer knowing their products are enclosed and untouchable, causing an increased need for plastic in these industries.

However, these types of single-use plastics must be burned as they can’t be reused, and they can’t be granulated back into plastic granules and used to remake other products.

If there is a rigidity to the product, then it can be chopped up and put back into the extruder.

But what about after COVID?

Many people are likely to view a lot of things on the side of caution, even after COVID because of the recent experience, and many people are still going to desire pre-packaged products in order to play it safe like they are currently.

Single-use plastic bags are also much more hygienic than those that are reusable, encouraging many stores to continue to supply these at the current rate.

Many industries, such as construction, motor vehicle production and general manufacturing are all considerably quieter and companies simply aren’t investing at the moment.

What Impact will all this Have?

Due to this likely increase, there’s most probably going to be a spike in how many people try to encourage using recycled plastics even more and also how these plastic materials are being disposed of, in order to manage the rise in plastic usage, particularly in the medical industry.

Research into biodegradable plastics could also see a surge to try and overcome this, aiming to introduce biodegradable materials across more sectors within the industry.

Many plastic companies may also look into designing more durable products, to maximise their lifespan and minimise plastic waste.

If you’re looking to find out more about our plastic products and the services we offer, contact the Rayda team here.

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