Staff Uniform In A Restaurant – How Much Will It Cost

Staff Uniform In A Restaurant – How Much Will It Cost

Running any business is about managing the cashflow and making a profit. This has not been an easy task the restaurant business in the last few years due to covid. So you have decided to enter the catering business but how much will it cost to clothe your staff for your restaurant business ?

If it is a simple sit down restaurant you need to work out how many staff you need to keep the customers happy. These guidelines are pre covid so they may need to be tweaked a little.

How many seats should you have? There is no concrete answer, but the industry standard is 60% of your restaurant’s space should be dining, while 40% is the kitchen, preparation, and storage areas.

General Seating Guidelines Fine Dining: 18-20 square feet Full-Service Restaurant: 12-15 square feet Counter Service: 18-20 square feet Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurants: 11-14 square feet(2) Staff Needed To Run A Restaurant Front of the house (FOH – Service/Servers) – 1 staff member, per shift for every 5–6 tables. Back of the house (BOH – Kitchen/Cook staff) – 4 staff members for 50–60 cover restaurants, per shift.(1) Supporting Staff (admin, accountant, HR) – 1–2 staff members, (cashier staff and cleaners) – 1 & 2 respectively per shift. If your a startup then you might just be fulfilling the roles of manager and maybe cleaner.

Of course this also depends on what services you will be opening up for and on how many days a week you are open.

Ideal Restaurant Staff Members Manager Chef or Cook Dishwasher ( if required) Serving staff Cleaners Administration How Much Will Uniforms Cost for a 50 to 60 Seater Restaurant So ideally you need to provide uniforms 15 people, 10 waiters/waitresses, 4 cooks and 1 cleaner/potwasher.

Uniform Costs For Cooks/Chefs Portwest Cumbria White Chefs Jacket at £11.45 (short sleeved)

Portwest Suffolk White Chefs Jacket £11.45 (C833) (long sleeve)

Ideally each cook needs 2 chef whites so thats 8 in total but because you have ordered more than 6 the price comes down to £10.45 A total of £83.60

Dennys Best Value Chef Trousers (C075) £12.00

The cost drops to £11.00 for ordering above 6, so 8 x £11.00 = £88.00

CHEFS SHOES Providing safety shoes for your staff is a must and also save you from any potential claims against you.

Portwest Steelite Safety steel toe cap Crocs (clogs) (FW82) £20.75

Giving you a cost of 4 x £20.75 = £83.00

Total uniform costs for the 4 chefs comes to £254.60

Uniform Costs For Waiting Staff Of course it depends on what style you want to portray, if you go traditional waiters attire (waistcoat) it can be quite expensive. So let’s look at the budget options for waiters uniforms.

Bargear Mens Short Sleeved Bar Shirts (KK120) £14.50

Bargear Ladies Short Sleeve Bar Shirt (KK735) £13.50

Lets split the waiters/ waitresses 50/50 male /female and 2 shirts per employee.

Cost of the mens waiter uniforms for 5 people when the multi buy discount is applied. 10 x £13.50 = £135.00

Cost of the waitresses aprons after discount is 10 x £12.50 = £125.00

Then to keep the appearance of the uniform matching waist aprons. Ideally you need 12 aprons, 2 spare.

Dennys Waist Apron With Pocket (DP52) (black) £9.65

12 waist aprons after discount = £106.80

Total cost for the waiting staff uniforms is £366.80

Uniform For Cleaner / Pot-washer POT WASHER UNIFORM Denny’s PVC Heavy Duty Waterproof Apron (DP16) £9.50

Premier Wrap Around Tunic (PR177) £7.25

Total cost for cleaner pot washer = £16.75

Total Cost For Providing Uniforms for the Restaurant Total uniform costs for the 4 chefs comes to £254.60

Total cost for the waiting staff uniforms is £366.80

Total cost for cleaner pot washer = £16.75


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