Reviewing the EVO250 PULSAR storm jacket

Reviewing the EVO250 PULSAR storm jacket

Hi today, we are going to be Reviewing the EVO250 PULSAR storm jacket. Okay. Let me tell you a few features about this coat. So, when you first pick it up. Okay. Have a look below. You can see it’s got incredible detail all over it. The luminescence of this coat, as well as absolutely popping, it’s so bright. It’s actually making my eyes go a bit like that. And it’s probably difficult how bright it its just by the picture.

RFX Reflective Tape So it’s got some thermally applied RFX Reflective Tape, light taping all over it as well, which gives you that reflective, bright light, where the lights hit it, especially at sort of a dusk time or in the evening as well. So you got the visibility there with this luminous orange or yellow, and then you’ve got the reflective striping for the lights, just to give you that extra visibility as well.

Scotchlite Reflective Tape EVO100 – Pulsar® Evoluon 3 Layer Storm Coat

Original Pulsar® chevron design thermally applied 3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Tape. 3 layer, 100% polyester woven twill with highly breathable PU laminate membrane.

Original Pulsar® reflecve blue piping and chevron detail for increased night me visibility. Full length YKK® 2-way interacve zip fastening.

And I like this new system that these guys are putting on now with the RFX Reflective Tape there. So you can see that this is actually, it’s been segmented down. And what that’s doing is that’s giving you the coverage, giving you that exposure to make sure people can see you, but it’s reducing the amount of restriction you’ve got in the moveability.

Blue Piping Pulsar Piping So, that’s very neat. It’s got the signature blue PULSAR piping on it as well, which is reflective as well. So again, you’ve got just an extra little bit there. It’s got a double storm flap on this as well, which I’ll show you.

So I’ve already open some of that, so. So, when you open the jacket up, you’ve got this interactive zip system on the inside there. So you can see it’s an additional zip. Now this jacket can work with an interactive fleece from PULSAR, a body warmer, it also works with a softshell as well.

Pulsar Rail Interactive Body Warmer PR498 Grey Pulsar Body Warmer So you can add those components together to make this coat more universal for different sort of environments. So if you need something a little bit warmer, you can put fleece into it.

Pulsar Rail Interactive Body Warmer PR498 Grey Front View If you want a body warmer that you can just maybe take off and use the body warmer if it’s getting a bit hotter, get the jacket off and you still got a body warmer underneath then you can use that as well. So check out the PULSAR website, you can see what interactive products go with this particular storm jacket.

Pulsar Waterproof Protection So this is a really high waterproof protection. Let me just, while I’ve got the jacket open as well, you can see that you’ve got some toggles that can pull that in around your waist as well. So, if you’re working out somewhere and the winds blowing up the back of your jacket, you can pull that in. All right. So don’t want to be doing any sort of Marilyn Monroe sort of thing.

So, anyway, you’ve got your zip system here. So I’m going to zip that up, all the way up, and then you’ve got first off storm flap over one way, storm flap over the other way. And on the inside there, there’s a little pen pocket there as well, a little bit of extra detail for you. Down on the front there, two nice hip pockets. Keep your hands warm, put tissues in there, whatever you want to do.

Okay. I’ll do these over the front there you got this little flap here. You might miss this, but you’ve also got an extra nice deep drop-in pocket on the front there. On the left-hand side though put your hand in there. Great, new ID badge. So I you can pop that in there. Put a picture of you in there and put that away. So great for working out on a building site, rigs, whatever. So on the top here, on your right hand breast, sorry, again, you’ve got a pocket there you can put your mobile phone in or your wallet, whatever you want. And under the arms, you’ve got some breathable vent holes as well.

Yeah. I just can’t get over the quality of this jacket it’s really, really good. You can just feel it. As you’re just playing around with it, it just feels really, really good. So also then again, on the cuffs there, you’ve got these Velcro flaps, so you can adjust that and pull it in. But what I do like, on the inside of that, you’ve got a neoprene cuff. Okay. So some of these products that you see on the market, they’re not finished off very well.

Pocket Flaps That’s just a really, really good piece of detail in there. That’s going to stop that wind or rain driving up in the most hideous of conditions. This jacket’s going to be there for you. It’s really, really good. Now it doesn’t come with a hood but on the back there, there’s a little secret zip, which you unzip and out pops these press studs there, and you can pick yourself up one of these then from PULSAR as well.

Pulsar Hood Pulsar Evolution Storm Hood EVO252O Open View So this is the hood, the interactive hood that fits with it. Pops on there. Three poppers. It’s really cleverly put together. And I like this. I’ve seen this before as well. So what you’ve basically got here, is you’ve got this little cap over the front, sorry, little peek. It’s got a little piece of wire going through there as well, which is good because that means you can just push that up. So you might think, well, what’s the point in that, but if you’ve just got a normal hood like this and the rain, if you’re working the rain’s just going to be dripping on your face all the time. That’s just going to stop that happening. Okay. So, that’s just going to keep the rain out your face.

PPG Workwear Pulsar Evolution Arctic Hood EVO252 Orange Also, again, if that’s really hideous weather, like snow, rain, driving, you’re working by the side of the road, working on a rail track, working on a building site, you’ve got this extra coverage there that goes over your chin and your face there. Also, it’s giving you additional exposure as well. Sorry. Yeah. Additional visibility as well.

Pulsar Hoodie So really well thought out and again, you’ve got the PULSAR blue reflective chevron sort of going across the and all across the back of the hood there. Yeah. So it’s good. So, if you don’t want to have a jacket with a hood, you don’t need to buy one. You might find that sort of the managers would have one of these jackets. They’re not going to be out there working at the side of the road all the time so, or on a railway. So that’s the additional item. And again, you can pop that in a pocket there. The pocket’s big enough. So you’re not going to lose it.

So fantastic jacket. This is the EVOLUTION jacket, the 250 from PULSAR. You can also marry that up with this amazing pair of Pulsar work trousers.

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