Best Work Trousers For 2020 Top Reviews For UK Work Trousers

Best Work Trousers For 2020 Top Reviews For UK Work Trousers

Looking to find your best work trousers with knee pads pockets or inserts?

A lot of thought can go into choosing the right pair of trousers for work. Do I have to hold a paintbrush to wear painters trousers? Can I wear carpenters trousers even though I won’t be swinging a hammer anytime soon?

When your job is active, messy, or even just outdoors, you need a pair of work trousers that are durable. It also helps if they comfortable, and won’t fall apart after a few washes. Of course that means not any old pair of jeans or khakis will do.

Best Work Trousers & Value For Money Luckily there are plenty of options out there for you or your workforce. PPG Workwear have been suppling work trousers to companies for years.. Check these work trousers reviews and choose the features and style you’re after.

At the end of these reviews I have compiled a buyers guide with the most important things to look out for before buying a pair. If you’re not in a rush, you should have a look.

Now, here are the best work trousers with knee pads (or just pockets) that you can currently buy online in the UK:

Comfortable Work Trousers TuffStuff Excel Lightweight and in a smart looking two-tone design with Tufftex trim to main wear areas. They come with a strong sturdy YKK zip and a good fastener at the waist. They are made from 330g polyester cotton fabric.

The TuffStuff brand is made by Castle Clothing based in Suffolk and have been making workwear for many a year. Their own created Tufftex gives the work trouser durability for wear and tear and at the same time keeps the cost down.

Practical Work Trousers TuffStuff The holster pockets can be placed inside the actual pockets if you are not using them. It then acts as a regular reinforced packet as they are made from their Tufftex material. The pocketed knee pads are also made from the same material and is a bottom load system for the knee pad insertion. Also on the rear are a couple of TuffStuff pockets.TuffStuff Excel Work Trousers 710 Stone and Black Colour All thee major seams are triple stitched to give the work trouser longevity. You can guarantee that these will not fall apart anytime soon. With the TuffStuff material on the bottom of the trousers they have though about all the main wear points on these Excell work trousers. A great option for individuals or for people buying in bulk for their workforce and working within a clothing budget.

Buy your TuffStuff Excel Work Trousers from PPG Workwear. Please do call us if you are buying in bulk as we do offer progressive discounts on Tuffstuff work trousers.


Flexible Work Trousers – Portwest DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers (DX440) Flexible work trousers, why ? because they are made from flexible materials.

So this is the DX440 trouser They come in a metal grey, metro blue and black. . And it’s all about flex at the moment. And these trousers are absolutely bang on.PPG Workwear Portwest DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers DX440 Grey Colour So let me just tell you a few key features about these trousers. One, just working from the bottom up there, these knee pads on the front, top loader knee pads with adjustable Velcro inside there as well. So there’s an extra Velcro point in there which means you can drop that knee pad down lower or you can have it higher if you want.

There’s a reinforced fabric over the top there. You’ve got some detailing on here. So you’ve got some piping. You’ve got this new band and reflective system on there, which is stopping any sort of movement as well. It’s just giving you more freedom of movement. So these trousers have got a nice high back to them as well. So it comes up nice and high, so when you’re working, you’re not going to get cold back, wet bum, builders’ bum, any of that stuff.

Work Trousers For Women There are now more and more women needing good practical work trousers. One of the best selling ladies combat trousers are the Orn Condor Ladies Combat Trouser (2560).

ladies orn work trousers Best selling hardwearing ladies combat trouser Triple stitching on all main seams for ultimate strength Internal knee pad pockets Elastication at sides of waistband for flexibility and comfort Two front pockets Two back pockets Two combat pockets Extra strong pocket linings Work Trousers With Storage Pockets These have got holster pockets on there as well. And if you don’t want a holster pocket, it’s nice and easy. You can just unzip them. They’re gone. Loads and loads and loads of pockets on these trousers. So zip pocket right across the front there. Nice big, deep pocket, right down the front, almost to your knee cap there. You can feel that. You could put your screwdrivers in there. You could put your tape measure, whatever you want. You can clip it on there. You’ve also got another pocket in the front. On the front of that pocket there, it’s got a little clip so you could put your ID badge or whatever.

I just wanted to wear it with the orange high vest so you can see it contrast it really well. So you could see you wear this on site and you can see how useful these trousers really are.

Work Trousers With Flexibility So your nice zip pocket there. Another zip pocket on the front. You’ve got PPG Workwear Portwest DX4 Work Trousers DX449 Blue Colourscrewdriver positions, all sorts of stuff going on there. Another zip on the front of the holster pocket there. Again, you can take that off if you want. Nice little removable zip, like so. Little flap goes over the top. Around this side, what we’ve got here. You could put your gloves in there. A hammer loop. Big pocket across the back there, one, two. So two bum pockets. Decent zip.

The whole pair of trousers is stretchy. Currently, we’ve got these in store for 46 pounds. + VAT. It’s all about flex at the moment and just being able to work. It’s just fantastic. And just the freedom of movement. I think this is really, really stylish. I love this Metro Blue range. It’s just something different. Also here, I’ll just show you some things that go with this. Also, if you wanted you could take this gilet. Again, this is a

Portwest DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers (DX440) Details 4-way stretch fabric for ease of movement and added comfort Lightweight flexible Hi-Vis Tex Pro segmented reflective tape for increased PPG Workwear Portwest DX4 Work Trousers DX449 Black Colourvisibility Reflective piping for increased visibility 16 pockets for ample storage Adjustable hem to accommodate regular 31″ to tall 33″ leg lengths Two tier knee pad pockets allowing two positioning options Top-loading knee pad pockets for quick and easy access High rise back waistband Zip off holster pockets for added versatility Multiple side zip compartments for secure storage Rule pocket Triple stitched seams Shell Fabric : 93% Polyester, 7% Elastane 270g Contrast Fabric: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Ripstop Weft Stretch 235 Knee Reinforcement: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane 275g

Basic Cost Effective Work Trousers If you just need basic work trousers we have 2 options too choose from. The Orn Condor Combat trousers are a good choice and there is also a ladies combat trouser option as well. These are our best selling hardwearing combat trousers ever, and we have sold thousands.

Orn Condor Combat Trousers They come with triple stitch on all the major seams. Internal kneepad pockets and elastication at sides of waistband for flexibility and comfort. Also two front pockets, two back pockets and two combat pockets. The pockets are extra strong pocket linings and then a heavy duty non scratch fixing stud on waistband,

YKK zip Belt loops 3 leg lengths in all 7 colours 65% Polyester 35% Cotton 245g fabric weight Portwest Action Work Trousers Another great cheap work trousers all rounder is the Portwest Action trouser. Multi zipped side pockets and thigh pocket on right side with flap & Velcro. Also 2 hip pockets with zips and with reinforced seat & knee pad pockets. Lightweight and practical for many work places.

Belt loops 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Kingsmill 245g fabric

Hi Vis Work Trousers Sometimes you have to work in conditions where you will have to wear Hi Vis trouser for safety reasons. These highly reflective work trouser make your visible from every angle and from a greater distance as well. In the darkness the way the Hi Vis has been manufactured reflects back the light so you become even more prominent.

If your on a budget then the Portwest Hi Vis Poly Cotton Trousers (RT45) are a good practical basic entry level Hi Vis Trousers. They are certified too railway industry standard and come with 2 side pocket, 1 hip pocket

Portwest Hi Vis Poly Cotton Trousers RT45 Orange Colour If you have a little more in your budget then great value for money are the Pulsar Hi Vis work trousers. Excellent attention to detail and quality craftsmanship in the making of these work trousers.

pulsar his vs work trousers They come in orange and yellow, but whats the best, orange vs yellow hip vis ?

Things To Consider Before Buying Work Trousers What s your line of work is obviously the first question you need to ask. Is it specialist trousers you need such as flame retardant clothing, or to the other extreme freezer trousers. You could work in an industry where you need waterproof trousers. Waterproof goes too so many levels so we have written guide to choosing waterproof workwear.

You may just need regular work trousers, again it will depend on your profession, painter and decorator or maybe an electrician. Even those two professions need consideration was to where exactly where do you work. If your profession is in the domestic market then good well made work trousers will suffice. On the other hand if your bulk of work is in the building trade where there will be lots of harsh surfaces. Then consider spending a little more on hard wearing materials and in time it will actually save you money.

Materials The materials used tells you a lot about craftsmanship and the best use of your work trousers. For instance, polyester and nylon are moisture-wicking materials, which are great for warmer seasons and moist work environments. Cotton, on the other hand, isn’t moisture-wicking but it’s more breathable and thicker, so it’s great for a dry spring-autumn weather.

But you want your work pants to be resistant as well, you need materials that won’t rip or puncture very easily. With that in mind, cargo pants are usually the best, thanks to their hardwearing fabric and resistant stitches.

Number of Pockets Of course, there are plenty of jobs where you need lots of tools at hand. Of course you don’t want to put that many tools in your pockets that it becomes too heavy to move around.

However, if you’re constantly on the move, and need the use of both your hands, you can benefit from the extra pockets. These also serve to organise your stuff better, so you can be more efficient. Hanging pockets are not just for design, but are good because how versatile and useful they are.

Reinforcements Depending on your line of work, reinforcements can be essential for you or not important at all. If you’re constantly on your feet, or on a building site moving from one place to the next. Probably brushing against harsh surfaces, then two get your work trousers to last you need them. Maybe you might not need any reinforcements at all. But if you’re climbing up or down, taking big steps, you might find crotch reinforcements really great, and that’s also the case if you’re squatting all the time.

I also like work pants with knee reinforcements because they look so solid. The best work trousers with knee pads allow these inserts to be adjusted easily, which is a true user-friendly characteristic. Otherwise, consider you need knee pads if you’re a plumber or carpenter, or if you work another job that requires you to crawl or spend a lot of time on your knees. Ensure that you buy a good knee pad insert.

TuffStuff Knee Pads 779 Black Colour TuffStuff Knee Pads Size And Fit Of The Trousers If you are buying for your workforce then ideally you want them to be in all the same branded work wear. You may think it’s simple but it depends on the diversity of your team. If you have female team members ensure that the was it sizes go small enough. On the other size if you have + size team members ensure that they go large enough. Ideally pick up the phone and speak to the supplier, make sure they have the stock. If they don’t, what would be the lead time.

Branding of the work trouser, this certainly needs a telephone call and possible a sample of the quality of the work before you order. Especially if you are going with embroidered workwear.

Comfort and Durability You need pants that are comfortable as well as durable, but that means different things depending on your line of work. For instance, if you’re mostly on the move, you need moisture-wicking, light, pants. If you’re always crouching or walking on all fours, you might need extra padding and thicker, scratch/ puncture-resistant pants.

However, most work pants are pretty durable and comfy. I find it that a mix of cotton and polyester is very versatile for most purposes and jobs, which makes it the best for work pants. I can tell you at the moment that the Portwest DX4 range is proving to be very popular.

Our Branded Work Trousers Orn Work Trousers Portwest Work Trousers Regatta Work Trousers Tuff Stuff Work Trousers Yoko Trousers Click Work Trousers

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