7 Reasons why you need a Chef Uniform

7 Reasons why you need a Chef Uniform

Choosing a chef uniform needn’t be difficult. PPG Workwear can provide you with the necessary protective clothing that makes no compromise to your work efficiency.

PPG’s chef uniforms can provide you with high levels of hygiene and sophistication, so here’s why you need to invest in affordable chef uniforms for your team today!

Various types. Whether you require waitress aprons, bib aprons, chef jackets, chef pants or bar shirts, look no further than PPG Workwear! Here at PPG Workwear, we have a range of long and short sleeve chef whites and have an extensive choice of colours available. We have some of the Best Chef Trousers available. We also supply waterproof aprons.

Providing style. With PPG’s chef uniforms, you can rest assured that you’ll look stylish and be well prepared to work in the kitchen. We supply a range of brands including Denny’s, Portwest and Premier which are suitable for both men and women. Crisp chef uniforms set you apart from other restaurant chefs.

PPG Workwear Premier Long Sleeve Stud Front Chefs Jacket PR665 White Colour Modern designs. As trends have changed over the years, there have been significant modifications made to the design of chef jackets, although double breasted versions are still a popular choice. White chef jackets are the most common type of jacket, this is because they have the ability to reflect heat rather than absorb it. It’s also easy to remove stains, allowing you to maintain a clean, professional finish. These are now available in black and white, here at PPG Workwear.

A bar shirt can be basic or modern, it merely depends on what you’re looking for. We have a range of designs available, all of which are black – providing sleek finishing touches. PPG provide bar shirts in a range of sizes.

Preventing slips, trips and falls. Wear safety shoes if you want to stay on your feet. Not wearing safety shoes will leave you vulnerable to accidents, you could slip and injure yourself meaning that you’ll need time off work. Safety shoes aren’t renowned for their fashionable appeal, however, if they look after your feet and reduce the likelihood of hazards occurring, they’re the best option.

Here at PPG Workwear, we supply Comfort Grip shoes, Crocs and Shoes for Crews. They’re perfect for adding comfort, durability and safety.

Integral uniform. Bib Aprons The chef aprons have already modernised, however, there are several variations available at PPG Workwear. Our bib aprons and waist aprons are more stylish and practical. Some have been designed to incorporate pockets, allowing you to carry essential items around the restaurant or café. The bib aprons we have are hygienic and easy to clean. Why not choose from an assortment of colours and styles today?

PPG Workwear Premier Colours 2 in 1 Bib Apron With Pocket PR159 Orange Colour Waist Image Additional comfort. Chefs Uniform When you think of a chef, it’s more than likely you’ll imagine them to wear checked chefs pants. Having said this, PPG supply a range of chef pants that have been designed to incorporate extra comfort, you even have the opportunity to choose between plain trousers and patterned ones. These are all part of our Denny’s and Portwest collections.

They provide protection against high temperatures and are ideal for absorbing liquids.

Positive impact on sales. Chef uniforms that are sharp and clean are effective, giving your restaurant or kitchen a positive reputation, showing you clearly take pride in the job that you do! Having a clean uniform can go a long way. Not only will your team feel professional, they’ll want to be more productive as well.

10 Great reasons to become a Chef For many work is a something you do to earn money, for Chefs work is their passion. If you love to cook and are passionate about food then why not develop your interest in cooking and turn it into your hospitality careers. If you have talent and are willing to work hard, being a chef is a rewarding and exciting job and one that is in demand, with the number of chef jobs in Sydney & chef jobs in Melbourne rising daily. Here are just ten of the many fantastic reasons to become a chef.

  1. It is a Fantastic Career If you love food and cooking why not make a career out of it by becoming a professional chef. As well as the job satisfaction, being a chef offers great career progression from Commis Chef to Demi Chef then Chef de Partie, Sous chef, Chef de Cuisine and finally Executive Chef. You also have the option of taking your career to various venues including; restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering companies and corporate events.

  2. It’s a growth-industry job People will always want to eat out and as the hospitality industry is steadily growing year on year, there will be many new and challenging positions on offer.

  3. Take your career global Wherever you choose to live, finding work as a chef will always be an option. Whether you fancy preparing luxury meals on a cruise ship or taking one of the chef jobs in Melbourne’s hipster cafe’s, a career as a chef is highly portable!

  4. You can specialise Most chefs learn by preparing and cooking all kinds of food, and some are happy to pursue that path. However, there’s plenty of opportunity to specialise if you discover a burning passion for Mexican, Thai or even desserts – where you become a pastry chef, there are plenty of options to branch out and challenge yourself.

  5. Self-employment – start your own Restaurant Most chefs are extremely passionate about what they do and many of them choose to branch out on their own and set up their own restaurant.

  6. It’s creative Plating up food and creating new dishes is an art in itself, so a great profession for those that are creative. Chefs often create new menus and to add new special dishes to menus weekly as well.

  7. You make people happy People love eating out, so whether you are helping make a special event happier or a lunchtime meal more delicious, it’s good to know your work is being appreciated.

  8. Never a dull moment Working in a kitchen can be challenging as you are under pressure to deliver and spend a lot of time on your feet. However if you are fast and good at what you do, being a chef can be a real buz and a highly rewarding career.

  9. You don’t have to wear a suit! No uncomfortable ties, heels or business suits – Chef’s whites will leave more salary in your pockets!

  10. Varied hours Chefs work a variety of hours depending on where you choose to work. Some restaurants are only open at night, others during the day. Catering companies work shifts and corporate catering will see you working 9 to 5 hrs. Set your hours depending on your lifestyle!

There’s no one thing that makes being a chef a great career option, if you truly love what you do you will be successful.

For more information on  7 Reasons why you need a Chef Uniform  talk to  PPG Workwear

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