Mobile Skate skateboard Park

Mobile Skate skateboard Park

Product Code: 2013-Z5

OZ-UK Highline Extreme PRO Mobile Skate Ramp & Trailer designed specifically for Schools, Scouts, & Local Authorities and other HIGH USE areas this is a professional skate ramp: We are happy to provide this great opportunity to purchase Britain's answer to mobile skating. We have a complete mobile skate park solution for sale here that even includes the trailer!

This kit has been designed to fit into a specially built box trailer that fully loaded weighs in at around 2.600kg

We fit a pair of 2.6m quarterpipes and floor sections into a 4.0m trailer and still have room a large number of our other ramps. A complete package weighing around 2,600kg, take a look at our pictures or video on youtube :



  1. Two quarterpipes and floor sections

  2. Two 800mm high flatbanks and platforms

  3. The lower half of the flatbank ramps also form independent flyoff ramps

  4. Two curved transition ramps that will form either an 800mm spine or, with the platforms above, two smaller quarterpipes. They can also be used with the flatbank ramps to form hipped ramps or one/two large jump boxes.

  5. Our unique 3-way grind rail. This offers three grinding surfaces; a flat bar, a single tube and a double tube, in one compact piece of equipment 3.2m long. It is very stable and has no projecting feet.

  6. A driveway 1600mm wide and 400mm high.

  7. A jump ramp 1200mm wide.

To keep lifting to an absolute minimum the folding quarterpipes are on wheels and can be unloaded from the trailer and moved around complete, but folded.

This means that they will roll through a single doorway into, for example, a tennis court or gymnasium.

They will also store neatly against a wall or in a cupboard when not in use.

When folded the ramps present a flat surface, much safer when other activities will take place in the same space.

From the rider’s point of view this has several big advantages;

  1. The coping (round bar along the front) is in one piece. Thus grinding (sliding) tricks will be easier and more satisfying.

  2. The transition (curved ramp) and platform are each in one piece, so no more annoying bumps and trips across mismatched joins.

  3. There is a railing across the back and at the sides. This is required by EN14974:2007 for all platforms above 1000mm. As well as being a major safety feature it is also reassuring for participants.

  4. This equipment has undergone an independent RoSPA type inspection.

However carefully the ramps are set up and packed away they will be subject to knocks and scrapes. There will inevitably be times when the ramps are put away wet.

For these reasons all our skate equipment uses hot-dipped galvanised steel frames throughout.

Birch is undoubtedly the best plywood for skateboarding and we use this exclusively.

To ensure the most consistent curves we don’t use cheap plywood for the under layer.

Our trailers are built in-house to fit our ramps rather than compromising our ramp design to fit another manufacturer’s unit.

So all in all this package offers a comprehensive mobile package but if this is not what your looking for and you need something more bespoke than rest assured we can put a package together that will suit your requirements.

Thank you for looking, we hope you find what you are looking for.

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