Covid-19 Statement from Morclean Limited

Covid-19 Statement from Morclean Limited

Here at Morclean Ltd we are taking the matter of COVID-19 very seriously and are following all current guidelines.

(Please note that to the best of our knowledge the below information is accurate, and correct at the time of writing.)

CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) POLICY Morclean Ltd is fully prepared to face the challenges set by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Customers can rest assured that we will work to ensure our service levels will remain unaffected.

Dedicated Mobile No. We now have a dedicated mobile for any calls during office hours, this is because our land lines are diverted and we need one single point of contact. The number 07500 010235 is now available to our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues as a point of contact within the offices.

Weds 8th April 2020 The current COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve daily. This is impacting businesses as we are sure it is yours.

We value your business and we are closely monitoring the situation and taking every possible step to continue to provide new machines, as well as service, parts, and accessories for your existing cleaning equipment.

Spares, Parts & Accessories

As of 8th April, we haven’t seen a significant impact on our stocks or the availability to deliver spare parts and accessories.

However we are beginning to see some delays on transportation of goods within Europe, as well as reduced capacity among some of our Italian suppliers. At the moment we generally have availability of spare parts or can access parts from other manufacturers.

On-site service

Providing on-site service is difficult for us as we have had to furlough most of our mobile engineers. We do have a number of people that can provide over the-phone help. We can accept deliveries to repair or service equipment and return to your site via a carrier or 3rd party transport.

Monday 6th April 2020 Please note that we have reluctantly had to take the decision to furlough some members of the team as of today. While this means that some key people you have been dealing with at Morclean may have taken leave of absence (for a shorter as possible period) it does NOT however change any of our contact details, process or deliveries.

Morclean office devoid of staff

Mobile Numbers Any mobile phone numbers that you have for any of our team or our colleagues in sales, service hire, finance or admin etc. remain the same and are all diverted to the one “single point of contact” number 07500 010235.

Emails If you have a direct email for any particular individual in sales, service hire, finance or admin etc. then your message will be redirected to an equivalent colleague who has the same skillset, knowledge or access to information.

Orders Any current, pending or scheduled orders and deliveries will all be communicated to the right person, and all orders can still be processed, delivered and invoiced.

Lead times Please note that due to all the changes made within a very short space of time, it is inevitable that there may be some delays. The sudden changes will have a bearing on the time taken for our remaining colleagues to work through. We thank you for your understanding.

Friday 3rd April 2020 Shipping Please note that for any overseas orders, some carriers are not making any deliveries whatsoever to some countries. Because the info is changing all the time, we have decided not to publish the data. In general however we are unable to send shipments to the areas grossly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thursday 2nd April 2020 Shipping Costs We have also noted a steep rise in prices for shipping and transport for consignments we have already quoted for at a lower price prior to the change of circumstances.

While we will endeavour to absorb what we can, we have noticed a gross increase running to 000’s of % in some cases. Please note all shipments to Europe or the rest of the World are subject to prices on the day.

Exchange Rates

Please note that our overseas/export quotations are generally sent on an ex-works basis GBP unless otherwise stated. There have been changes to exchange rates which may significantly affect the quoted price. Please check exchange rates on the day, there’s numerous web sites to do this – we’d suggest you could find the right info here

You can contact us as normal You can contact Morclean using the email you already have, or by using

You can contact us by calling land line +44(0)1246 471147 and ALL telephone calls are either diverted or will be answered on site during office hours.

ALL emails are still operating as normal during office hours (UK times).

Current Situation We have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation for some time and have been working hard while preparing to put the required measures in place.

Due to the nature of our business, we are providing limited cover when there is a need to supply essential equipment into the healthcare, waste management, hospitals and similar sectors until further notice.

We are following Government guidelines at all times as well as taking advice from other organisations, including but not limited to H&S, Chambers of Commerce, Public Health England, WHO, and HR.

Within the Morclean premises we are taking steps to protect members of our team, visitors and customers. If there is an essential need to visit Morclean then we ask you to comply with our site rules at all times.

You should not rely on this Statement for your own advice or guidelines, and you should seek independent or Government advice.

Friday 27th March 2020 Morclean are now using ZOOM for video based meetings, sales calls and training. This platform also enables colleagues working from home to discuss important changes to the business. For anyone wishing to use this service, please download the App (available in iTunes / Apple Store & Android) or use the PC based version and we’d be happy to connect. Contact us for more information.

DELIVERIES & COLLECTIONS Wednesday 25th March 2020 Highlighting the barriers in place at MorcleanWhile most of our office and admin staff etc are working from home we do have limited and minimal cover in the building.

As of 25th March we are here Mon-Fri during office hours but please note:

Please check/confirm first so we can make sure someone is here by calling 07976 442297 or 07976 822390 Can you let someone know what you are delivering or collecting; when/what time and why the item(s) are being moved Is the item boxed or palleted and do we need to fork lift? If delivered. where has the item been, what is it used for or where is it from? When entering the site there is a separated break point that you can reach ‘your side’ and we’re on the other side to maintain distance etc We’d just ask any drivers/operatives to observe all site rules Subject to change, please check first in case any more restrictions are put in place No signatures or handing over docs/pens etc, we will record internally/electronically and the area is covered by CCTV If we need to fork lift any pallets we would stay ‘our side’ of the barrier until the item was ready and then ask your driver to move away

Tuesday 24th March 2020 As of today all of our admin, marketing and office personnel etc are working from home, but operating as normal with full access to emails, remote server access, files and info etc. Due to the nature of our business we are providing limited cover when there is a need to supply essential equipment into the healthcare, waste management and similar sectors.

We are continually monitoring the situation

Saturday 21st March 2020 Following further Government announcements made yesterday evening Friday 20th March we have taken the decision to instruct all members of the team to work from home where possible instead of this being on a voluntary basis.

Monday 17th March 2020 We have asked anyone that could work from home to do so and taken into account anyone that has family at home where childcare is needed. While doing so we have ensured that all members of the team have full and unlimited access to company mobile phones so that we can all communicate efficiently.

Monday 10th March 2020 We have taken the necessary steps to ensure our telephone system, IT and remote email or server access is fully tested and available to all of our team that could work from home on a voluntary basis; while advising that anyone that could work from home should do so.

For more information on  Covid-19 Statement from Morclean Limited  talk to  Morclean Ltd

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