Getting to know KTR - Mark Humphrey

Getting to know KTR - Mark Humphrey

A quick chat with a new member of our sales team.

How long have you been with KTR U.K.?

Coming up to 10 months now which have flown by.

What did you do before working with KTR?

I started my career in food retail, moving to fashion then to premium retail selling diamonds and watches. Slowly heading into sales with my latest role being with Proctor & Gamble. So, toothbrushes and razors to couplings very different markets.

What is your role and what is your favorite part about working with KTR?

My role is to find solutions for the manufacturing industries within a set area. My area is the South East from Scunthorpe to Brighton tasked with looking after old and new accounts. My favorite part is seeing how much the UK manufacturing industry is very much alive despite what you hear in the news.

Do you have any memorable experiences at KTR?

Every day is memorable, the best part is seeing what different sectors KTR are in. In a day I can be in manufacturers anywhere from conveyors, packing machinery and pumps all the way to the automotive industry.

Do you have any special hobbies at home?

I have a habit of being a bit of a del boy, buying and selling, mainly focusing on watches. On top of this I like to get out into the wilderness for a walk on the odd occasion with completing Snowden fairly recently. I have recently acquired a motorcycle again, so its been great to get out on 2 wheels and go for a spin.

Tell me something about yourself that may surprise somebody?

I met the queen at a tea party when I was 10 years old as my Grandad was a grenadier guard, the biggest surprise was I was only 10 and I was the same height as her!

What are some of your greatest adventures?

For starters I lived in Holland for around 5 years working in retail opening stores all over Europe which was a great experience meeting people of all different cultures. After this I left with a one-way flight to SE Asia, I bought a motorbike and spent the next 10 months touring, including helping open a brand-new guest house in Battambong in Cambodia. To top this, I ended up working on a cruise ship for around 4 years, everyday waking up in new destinations was fantastic.

What is your favourite type of music?

I like Indie rock, some of my favourite artists are Jamie T, Jack Penate and The Kooks.

What is it you like to do after work to just relax?

At the moment there is no time to relax, I seem to be a master of decorating which has been an ongoing project in the house and never ending. Other than that, you can’t beat a good movie on the odd occasion.

What do you feel everyone should do once in their life?

Travel and explore areas by making their own holidays. Its amazing what can be found in your normal tourist hotspots just by using a bit of sense of adventure.

Leave me with one quote, what would it be?

‘Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.’

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