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Electric Quartz 3 Kw Heater on wheels

The Quartz heater is ideal for localising spot heat. It is lightweight and fully portable . Ideal for areas where air movement created by fan heaters can be a problem. Silent heat delivery and can be set for either half or full heat settings.


  1. 240 v 2.8 Kw 13 amp model
  2. Heat Capacity 2.8 Kw
  3. HEAT SETTINGS 1.4w/2.8 W
  4. Elements 2 x 1.4 Kw Carbon FIBER
  5. Supply 240v 50 hz
  6. Max Current 10A
  7. Plug size 13 A
  8. Portable
  9. Dimensions mm (H) 917x ( W) 421X( D) 171, 420mm width with wheels 10. Weight 14 Kg
  10. 1.8 metre cable (approx)

For more information on  Electric Quartz 3 Kw Heater on wheels  talk to  Koolbreeze

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