Is a cardboard shipping barrel suitable for my product?

Is a cardboard shipping barrel suitable for my product?

With a wide range of shipping options to choose from, it’s important that you find the right product that’s suitable for your cargo. If one of your concerns is budget, then the cardboard shipping drums may be a great place to start, as they are extremely versatile and great value for money.

WHAT ARE CARDBOARD SHIPPING BARRELS? They are lockable fully secure fibre drums, which are manufactured from virgin kraft paper material for improved security and durability.

Made from recyclable materials, they cost less to make and offer great value for money compared to steel and plastic alternatives, as a lower cost and eco-conscious solution. As they are much lighter than steel and plastic, they have the benefit of lower shipping costs and come as standard UN certified for the transport of hazardous materials.

WHAT CAN/CAN'T THEY TRANSPORT? As a United Nations (UN) approved product, these cardboard shipping drums meet rigorous health and safety standards for the transportation of industrial products.

Designed for shipping granular and solid materials such as cables, electronics and powders, cardboard shipping drums are also fit for transporting hazardous materials and waste. They can be used to store and transport semiliquid and food materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glues and paints.

With various options available for coatings and linings (depending on the materials to be transported), they are a very versatile option for smaller or industrial scale transportation.

ARE CARDBOARD SHIPPING DRUMS REUSABLE? In short, yes. Designed to reduce the carbon footprint, the cardboard drums are a multi-use product.

They are made from recyclable materials for an environmentally friendly solution, and they are easily disposed of in case of contamination, damage or wear. In this rare instance the cardboard shipping drums can be recycled and the plastic or steel lids can be reused time and time again on replacement barrels.

In order to extend their lifespan and keep the drums in top condition, it is recommended that liners are used to reduce the need for cleaning and replacements. This also avoids unnecessary waste and prevents product contamination.

When stored and transported correctly, these shipping drums are a robust and cost-saving solution for eco-conscious businesses.

ARE THEY WATERPROOF? IF SO, CAN THEY BE STORED OUTSIDE? The standard cardboard shipping drums are leak and tamper proof, keeping contents safe and eliminating safety risks during transportation.

This means they have a high level of protection, but are not guaranteed to be waterproof.

However, there is a waterproof drum option available if you plan to keep liquids inside for long periods of time or want to store them outside in the rain. This option guarantees complete water and weatherproofing with a moisture barrier to prevent degrading. These are still fully recyclable within the usual cardboard recycling stream. These key factors make the weatherproof/waterproof drums a great alternative to plastic or steel drums.

WHAT ARE THE ALTERNATIVES? One of the most popular alternatives to the cardboard shipping drum for storing and transporting liquids is the classic blue plastic drum.

Industrial plastic drums are one of the most commonly used storing, packaging and transporting solutions. Made from tough rigid plastic, these drums can last for a long time and can be sealed incredibly well. This means they are often used to transport oils, juices, food flavourings and colourings, sauces and other liquids.

Open top plastic drums and tight head plastic drums are available in different sizes. While most are often used in the food industry, plastic containers are UN approved, making them suitable for the transport and storage of hazardous materials such as chemicals and detergents.

Other alternatives include open top steel drums, closed top tight head steel drums and steel drums with bottom discharge. Steel drums can be used for bulk storage over long periods of time, for transportation of goods, waste collection and much more. Made from strong steel, they are often a preferred option used to contain and transport hazardous materials.

Steel drums are extremely tough, offering lifetime durability, and are suitable for transporting a wide range of different goods.

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