Unbeatable Squire SS100 Padlock and STH100 Padbar

Unbeatable Squire SS100 Padlock and STH100 Padbar

The incredible Squire Stronghold SS100 is reputed to be the world`s strongest padlock. Its the very first padlock to ever achieve the highest possible LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) rating level SR4. In combination with the matching STH100 padbar these products provide the highest available level of security. In this latest post we examine these exceptional high security products and consider how they are used.

The Squire brand is recognised and respected as a reliable UK designer and manufacturer of the highest quality locks and security products. Their advanced padlocks are widely used in all manner of security applications from motorbikes to high security premises and their extensive range includes combination locks, multi-purpose lock and chain sets, ground anchors, security cables, bolts, hasps and staples.

Squire Stronghold Padlocks

The Squire SS100 padlock is the latest addition to the Squire Stronghold range which includes the outstanding Squire SS80CS and SS65CS padlocks, both of which having achieved CEN6 security ratings.

These exceptional padlocks feature solid, hardened steel lock bodies, electrophoretic anti-corrosion finishes, hardened boron alloy steel shackles, anti-drill protection and high corrosion resistance for harsh environments.

Squire SS100 Features

The SS100 is a dual cylinder padlock available in both open and closed shackle versions. It features a solid 100mm wide steel lock body that is capable of a tensile pull of over 24 tonnes - equivalent to the full weight of two London double decker buses.

Opening and securing the padlock requires two keys and both need to be inserted to operate the lock. Either of the two keys can be inserted first and turned through 90 degrees before the second key is inserted and turned.

Keyholes are protected with a ‘storm proof’ rubberised cover on the base of the padlock and the 4.3Kg lock body is coated in plastic which helps prevent paint chipping when used to secure motorbikes.

The padlock can offer ‘same key’ cylinders, where both cylinders operate under the same key. Or each cylinder can be keyed to differ, where the padlock uses two different keys to operate it.

When unlocked the 20mm thick Boron alloy shackle can be removed entirely from the lock. Shackle reinsertion requires both keys to be in place at the same angle before it can be locked securely with both keys.

LPCB and CEN6 Approval

Tests have demonstrated that the incredible SS100 padlock is as close to indestructible as its possible to be. This fact is supported by the 10 year manufacturers warranty from Squire which highlights confidence in their products. If you would like to see an excellent demonstration of how tough the SS100 padlock really is - click here to see a video from the LockPickingLawyer who, along with Bosnian Bill, subjected the SS100 to some serious fire-power.

The SS100 padlock’s resilience to attack is demonstrated by the fact that this incredible lock is the only padlock to have ever achieved the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) SR4 rating. The LPCB is the leading international certification body in building research, security and fire protection.

This highest possible security rating ensures the lock can withstand up to 10 continuous minutes of 12V angle grinder attack. Criminals would need a significant stock of fully charged angle grinder batteries along with a number of grinder disks to get anywhere near to overcoming this exceptional lock.

CEN6 refers to the highest Central European Norm security rating. Before CEN standards were available consumers had to rely on security assessments provided directly from product manufacturers. While Squire could be relied upon to provide accurate, honest assessments of their products the same could not be said for all lock makers. CEN6 standards established consistency, enabling consumers to make valid side-by-side comparisons.

Stronghold STH100 Padbar

To accompany the SS100 padlock Squire have designed the STH100 padbar, the toughest padbar they’ve ever made. The padbar body is made from specially hardened, cast steel which provides exceptional resistance against cutting and the clever, rotating staple provides further attack resilience.

The STH100 features a hardened steel hasp and staple and when used in conjunction with the SS100 padlock achieves the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) SR4 standard. This exceptional security rating gives users confidence that these high security devices will provide reliable protection against criminal intrusion and terrorist attack.

Squire SS100 Padlock Applications

The Squire SS100 padlock, along with the STH100 padbar, have been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of high security applications. These include commercial premises, which often attract the attention of criminals, along with warehouses, perimeter gates, outbuildings and military establishments.

SS100 padlocks are also widely used to secure valuable machinery and vehicles including commercial trucks, heavy machinery, specialised plant, power tools and motorcycles.

As noted, the Squire 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee ensures customers have confidence in the reliability of their Squire security products.

If you have any questions about padlocks or security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

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