Roller Barrier for Long Term Anti Climb Protection

Roller Barrier for Long Term Anti Climb Protection

When investing in a robust anti climb solution it’s important to consider the product lifespan and how long the chosen system will last. We are often asked how long our Roller Barrier anti climb system will provide reliable anti climb protection, so in this post we’ve revisited (with the aid of Google Earth) a number of our early Roller Barrier installations which are continuing to provide reliable protection up to 15 years after first being installed.

How Long Does Roller Barrier Last?

Our product developers are highly aware of the many factors which influence the effective operational lifespan of any anti climb system. These include the product design, the materials from which the anti climb system is manufactured and importantly the environment in which the product is used.

The simplicity of our cleverly designed Roller Barrier anti climb system is one of its primary strengths. There are just three main components: the Roller Cups, the Central Shaft and the Support Brackets. All of these have been carefully designed to provide a long lifespan without any maintenance - even when installed in harsh environments. Our Roller Cups are guaranteed for 5 years, regardless of where the system is installed, but have a life expectancy, along with the whole anti climb barrier system, of around 15 to 25 years - and beyond.

Roller Barrier Development and Manufacture

The Roller Barrier Central Shaft is manufactured from robust, high quality aircraft grade aluminium, so will not be compromised by rusting or corrosion. And the robust steel Support Brackets are galvanised to protect against weathering for an estimated 25 years.

The Roller Cups are designed to form a strong, impact resistant structure which will withstand physical attacks. They are manufactured from a polycarbonate material which, like all plastic materials, can potentially deteriorate due to the sun’s powerful UV rays. This deterioration is prevented by introducing UV inhibitors during the manufacturing process.

Although Roller Barrier was originally developed for use in temperate Northern European environments, our product designers recognised the likelihood of warmer summers due to climate change. So Roller Barrier Cups have always been manufactured to meet Southern European UV Protection Standards. And since 2018 the level of UV resistance has been further enhanced to comply with Tropical UV Protection Standards (maximum protection) which ensure the plastic cups will withstand the high levels of UV punishment they encounter when used in extreme corners of Australia and other worldwide hot spots.

We have been continuously reviewing and refining the component mix used to produce Roller Barrier Cups for over 20 years. Also, the proven long-life performance and reliability of Roller Barrier has been supported by the development of highly specialised manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control.

Worldwide Roller Barrier installations have a proven track record of reliability, durability and resilience in locations from the USA and Canada in the northern hemisphere to Australia and New Zealand in the southern hemisphere.

Here’s a brief summary of just a handful of Roller Barrier anti climb system installations extending back to 2008 - all of which are continuing to provide reliable, non-aggressive anti climb protection, without any maintenance.

Brighton School Anti Climb Protection

Here are a couple of images showing Roller Barrier installed at a Brighton School to deter and prevent out-of-hours intruders who were using the school grounds as a safe and secluded place for drug-taking. This presented the school with significant safety issues due to the drug taking detritus that was left behind. Roller Barrier was immediately effective in preventing these unwelcome intruders and has continued to provide robust, safe, non-aggressive intruder protection at this site since 2008.

The image shows the same Roller Barrier installation from Google Streetview in 2020. The Roller Cups show some signs of surface colour fading but they remain structurally intact without any significant degradation. Refinement of the component formulation combined with other measures, means that newly manufactured Roller Cups with their enhanced UV protection are designed to minimise any surface colour change and prolong the pristine appearance of the cups by slowing the aging process.

Our Roller Barrier anti climb system is continuing to provide effective protection against unwanted intruders at this school site but, as can be seen, the double row of rollers installed above the school gate has bowed a little over time due to repeated intruder attacks. We have now refined the system design to use a stronger, larger diameter central shaft.

Nottingham School Gates Anti Climb Barrier

A Nottingham school was experiencing problems due to children gaining access to the site outside school hours. Although the school is surrounded by a robust, 3 metre high security fence, there are multiple (locked) access gates which were being used as the main points of entry outside school hours. The School Site Manager explained (tongue in cheek), that the problem was that it sometimes seemed like there were more children within the school grounds when the school was locked up, than when it was open for teaching!

Insight Security was was approached to discuss a Roller Barrier solution to this problem. There were growing concerns for the safety of children who often climbed onto rooftops, putting themselves at risk of injury and sometimes causing damage.

The agreed solution was the installation of Roller Barrier over all of the gated entrances. This was successfully carried out in March 2008 and immediately solved the issue by safely preventing children from climbing over the gates. Roller Barrier remains in place today and is continuing to provide robust, safe anti climb perimeter security at all of the gated entrances around this school site.

Youth Centre Rooftop Protection

In 2011 Insight Security was approached by the BBC Big Build Community Youth Centre Project. The centre was undergoing refurbishment but had been experiencing problems due to youngsters climbing onto rooftops and putting themselves at risk. Insight Security donated a large quantity of Roller Barrier to the project, which was installed to prevent access to the low rooftop edges along the long sides of the buildings and bolster security at other vulnerable areas around the site.

The Roller Barrier installation and youth centre refurbishment project was a great success, with the centre once again becoming an active and cherished focal point for the community. It is still thriving today, and Roller Barrier continues to play a vital role in protecting the building structure, deterring would be mountaineers and keeping them safe.

Supermarket Perimeter Wall Security

When a Tesco Express supermarket in Wales needed an effective, non-aggressive anti-climb barrier, to deter and prevent intruders from climbing their perimeter walls, Roller Barrier was the natural choice. The anti-climb system was installed in 2010 and continues to provide robust, effective security at their site today.

University Library Anti Climb Protection

When considering anti climb solutions for public buildings its important to examine both the aesthetic appearance and the potential to cause harm. Aggressive, spiked anti climb barriers are not appropriate in these situations. What’s needed is a totally safe, non-aggressive anti climb barrier that’s effective but also unobtrusive, blending with the building and its environment. Roller Barrier, with its proven track record, is a wise and effective choice.

This Bedford University Library and Community Centre had a problem with climbers gaining unauthorised access to the flat roof, putting themselves at risk and potentially causing expensive damage. Roller Barrier was quickly and easily installed along the roof edge, immediately preventing any further climbing incidents. As the images show, Roller Barrier is so unobtrusive you can hardly notice it’s there. And importantly, the anti climb system continues to provide effective flat roof protection for many years without the need for maintenance.

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