Cost Effective Security the Onion Way

Cost Effective Security the Onion Way

Whilst wearing a string of garlic around the neck to keep Vampires away may be a myth (although those who do so claim never to have been attacked by a Vampire!)

...the Onion approach to security has proven time and again to be the most cost effective method available, which is why insurers and security professionals recommend it. put this into context, under the skin, the onion is made up of multiple layers, and a layered approach to security will generally cost less and be a more effective deterrent to thieves and intruders than any single measure that can be applied.

sand egg timer

To the thief, the worst enemy is time, as the longer they are on site committing their crime, the greater their chance of detection and apprehension.

So presenting them with a series of measures and risks to overcome in sequence will slow them down, raise their stress levels, reduce their confidence and minimise the amount of time they want to spend searching should they ultimately reach their desired destination.

Let's take a simple example of a thief looking to steal your laptop from your home.

One approach would be to build a 4 metre high wall around your house to keep them out, but it would cost a lot, and any thief worth their salt would be able to find a way over it fairly easily.

Using a layered approach however, a lower wall or a even garden fence fitted with an anti-climb product would present the first obstacle to negotiate.

...among the many other layers of measures which you may want to consider could be;

Installing security lighting – thieves don't like being in the spotlight – so it will definitely raise their stress level.

Fitting CCTV cameras "Realistic" dummy CCTV cameras may do the job, but live CCTV cameras could provide subsequent evidence to identify the intruder after the event

– the important thing is that if the intruder believes that they are being watched (and filmed!), it could further increase their stress levels – especially as there are now so many low cost CCTV camera systems that can be linked to mobile phones, etc. to allow dynamic real time remote monitoring.

Gravel paths or beds around the house will generate noise as the intruder walks over them, again increasing the risk of detection.

Closed and locked windows and doors will present another challenge and delay.

A home alarm would sound as soon as the intruder is detected in the house and if remotely monitored will activate responsive action, so if it wasn't before, the clock would definitely be ticking for increased risk of being caught in the act.

A physically locked down laptop (or one locked in a low cost laptop safe) offers yet another delay.

And if the laptop has been security marked, the thief would be wary of taking it as they would know that being caught in possession of an item that can easily be identified as belonging to someone else would land them in a police cell!

Obviously the above is intentionally a very simple example, but it does demonstrate how and why a layered approach can be so cost effective.

We hope that it will inspire you to consider how you could apply the layered concept to your own specific security issues, but remember, if you need help, the friendly team at Insight Security would be happy to discuss your needs and offer FREE, impartial and practical advice.

For more information on security and safety matters, and details of our comprehensive range of tried and proven products and solutions, please;

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