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Since 1994 Innovative Measurement Technology have been one of the leading suppliers of precision engineered measurement equipment. 


The company originally manufactured gauging transducers in house with accompanying electronics which soon gained it a reputation for reliability and great customer service. The product lineup has since expanded to include a wider range of metrology instruments which ensures customers can be served with the latest technological innovations. These include but are not limited to digital transducers, encoders, digital readouts, coordinate measuring machines and customizable workshop tools. 


In 2020 Innovative Measurement Technology took over the distributorship for Magnescale in the UK. While in 2021 the company teamed up with Bowers Group which provides access to Bowers own products and other well-known metrology brands.


The customer base is located globally, throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia. IMT serves a wide and varied range of industries, these include Aerospace, Manufacturing, Materials handling, Quality Control, Research and Development, Construction, Marine, Paper, Food and Drink, Medical, Rail, Steel, Automotive and Motorsport.


Innovative Measurement Technology is also part of the GTMA, a UK based trade association which is seen as a great resource for companies searching for quality suppliers. 


The company strives for excellence, its primary objective is to be a one stop shop for all types of quality metrology instrumentation whilst offering the best service possible for its customers. 


As part of the plans for continued growth, an essential requirement of the company’s objectives is the implementation and continued maintenance of a quality system which is registered to ISO 9001:2015 status and certified by QAS.

Innovative Measurement Technology Ltd
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