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SuDS-Compliant Resin Bound Paving
Are you looking for a surfacing solution that has the perfect balance between strength and style? Then resin bound surfacing is for you! A modern alternative to more traditional surfacing solutions, it has the strength of concrete and the aesthetically pleasing appeal of loose gravel or stone. What's more, it's SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drianage System) compliant when laid to a permeable subbase, so either type 1/mot or open textured binder course tarmac. This allows water to permeate the ground replicating the natural environment, therefore reducing flooding in built-up areas, water pollution and providing amenity and biodiversity. This decorative surfacing solution consists of specially selected natural, coloured or recycled aggregates combined with UV-stable resins to produce a surface that is: *SuDS-compliant *Extremely long-lasting *Smooth, yet slip-resistant *hard-wearing and low maintenance *looks great! Perfect for roads, footpaths, heritage sites, car parks, driveways and gardens! To speak to a technical expert, please call +44 1858 881111 or email

For more information on SuDS-Compliant Resin Bound Paving talk to HMS Decorative Surfacing Ltd

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