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BBA-Approved Joint, Crack & Pothole Repair

From overbanding to reflective crack treatment, HMS's surface treatment and repair service ensures the longevity of the road surface and prevents costly road resurfacing work. FLEXI®BAND is the process of overbanding small cracks or joints that have formulated in tarmac or concrete. First we clean and dry the surface with hot compressed air and then apply a polymer-modified binder using a screed box, providing a quick, stable, and effective treatment. FLEXI®SEAL involves cutting out cracks with a diamond abrasive saw to leave a uniform channel that is then cleaned and dried and sealed. The joint material lays in the wearing course ensuring long-term durability. FLEXI®SCREED is used when the road damage is too severe. The surface is mechanically planed to the width agreed and then cleaned, dried, and sealed. The surface is then lightly rolled with a hot aggregate dressing to provide a long-lasting repair and a non-reflective and anti-skid finish. FLEXI®JOINT is for deep surfacing repairs when great stability is required. After excavation, the surface is cleaned and dried and then a bitumen-impregnated glass fibre gauze underlay is installed. It is then filled with thoroughly cleaned, heated, and coated aggregate that is then compacted using a roller. A coating of binder is then screed across the area to provide a watertight seal and treated with a durable, on-reflective, high-friction aggregate. To speak to a technical expert, call +44 1858 881111 or email

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