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SuDS-Compliant Resin Bound Gravel Tree Pit
A resin bound tree pit is a porous paving solution applied to the base of trees or shrubs that allows water and air to reach the roots. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing than more traditional urban tree pit grilles, there are many other benefits that make these the perfect solution to ensure trees are well-watered in built-up urban areas: *more cost-effective *easier to maintain and keep litter-free *can be colour matched to the surrounding surfacing *zero stone migration *accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs *SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant *easily incorporate water systems. To speak to a technical expert or to arrange a free site survey please call +44 1858 881111 or email

For more information on SuDS-Compliant Resin Bound Gravel Tree Pit talk to HMS Decorative Surfacing Ltd

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