No two sites are the same, why should your vertical ground collector options be?

No two sites are the same, why should your vertical ground collector options be?

The largest range of Probes in the UK, please see below and call us on 01388 720228 for more details.

PE 100-RC Probe

We stock PE100-RC Probes which give superior crack resistance (5x) versus PE100 Probes ensuring peace of mind to the driller and customer alike.

Flux Probe

Go Geothermal Flux Probes – the new pressure-resistant GEROtherm® FLUX geothermal probe is now available for drilling depths of up to 410 metres for difficult geological conditions and deep boreholes.

REX Probe

The diffusion-tight GEROtherm® REX geothermal probe prevents gaseous substances from penetrating into the heat carrier. GEROtherm® REX thereby guarantees the correct operation of the heat pump and protects it against damage from degassing.

RT Probe

The new RT (Raised Temperature) probe offers unmatched variable heat transfer and heat transfer security. Industry standard probes are rated to carry temperatures of up to 40°C, after which they begin to soften and crack. The RT Probe is rated to carry temperatures from -20°C to 95°C.


The newly developed GEROtherm® VARIO geothermal probe can be supplied for drilling depths of up to 250 metres. It combines the positive properties of the well-known standard geothermal probe, yet also offers greater energy efficiency.

GEOtight Fabric Packer

Patented fabric packer for durable and safe sealing of holes drilled for probes. 1) Protection against the penetration of contaminated surface water. 2) Sealing of two aquifers. 3) Sealing of an Artesian well. 4) Prevention of hydraulic short circuit in two aquifers.

Spinning Jeni

Specifically designed for the Drillers by experienced installers – used in the field for nearly 2 years before the final design was approved. Our Spinning Jeni can accommodate most types and size of probes/collector pipe. The adjustable frame enables the installer to easily dispense and recoil if necessary. Assembly takes approximately 5 minutes and will fit easily into a small van when being transported (when dissembled).

Probe/ Ground Loop Feader

Hydraulic loop feeder to assist with the safe and controlled installation of 40mm borehole probes (32mm made to order). Comes with the following benefits over traditional hand pushing installation techniques: 1) Allows the safe installation without operatives standing on the drilling rig or other platforms on site. 2) Saves labour by reducing the need for additional operatives at the time of loop installation. 3) Can assist with the removal of a probe where the borehole collapsed at depth and the borehole will require re-drilling. This protects the operative from strain.

Thermally Enhanced Bentonite

A blend of quality assured raw materials, used in conventional Civil Engineering Applications specifically formulated for use in Geothermal Heat Pump Grouting Technologies including Ground source probes. Offers ease of mixing, combined with low shrinkage and excellent sealing. Once mixed with water it remains slightly soft and plastic, thus insuring continued flexibility to cope with any ground movement and maintain contact between the ground and probes. Independently tested to provide an industry leading 2.15 w/mk performance.

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