New for April we now stock Rehau Everloc pipe and fittings

New for April we now stock Rehau Everloc pipe and fittings

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To help reduce demand on our ever decreasing Fossil Fuels and continually looking to utilise Renewable Energy resources Go Geothermal Ltd can offer a viable and economical alternative or supplement to conventional Central Heating or Air Conditioning systems "AWADUKT".

Utilising the Earth’s near constant subterranean temperature ventilation air is simply drawn through an underground system of pipes which pre-heat the air in the winter and pre-cool the air in the summer.

These Ground-air heat exchangers offer a simple and efficient method to reducing heating and cooling loads in both domestic and commercial applications. Awadukt


Ever improving insulation and air tight construction of buildings means that controlled ventilation is becoming ever more important. The ground-air heat exchanger makes a considerable contribution to this, especially when used in conjunction with a heat recovery unit.

As well as increasing the quality of life within the building, this also provides significant energy savings by using the embodied ground energy to pre-condition the incoming ventilation air.

The ground-air heat exchanger takes advantage of the fact that the temperature of the ground, 1.5 to 2m deep, remains a relative constant temperature between 7°C -12°C throughout the year.

The incoming air passes through an underground pipe system to pre-heat it in winter and to pre-cool in summer. Experience shows that a ground-air heat exchanger makes it possible to raise the temperature of air taken in by up to 9°K in winter, and to reduce it by up to 14°K.

AWADUKT Thermo Features and Benefits:

  • Antimicrobial inner layer AWADUKT Thermo pipes feature an inner layer unique amongst ground-sir heat exchanger pipes. This is achieved by a specialist process that incorporates silver particles into the inner layer of the base polymer. The result is that the fresh air inside the system is hygienic, containing virtually no germs.

  • Solid Wall Polypropylene (PP) pipe The optimised PP pipe with enhanced conductivity provides excellent heat transfer between the ground and the air, thereby ensuring a high degree of thermal efficiency.

  • Radon-Proof Radon is a natural, colourless, odourless radioactive inert gas encountered in rocks and in the ground. Radon diffuses through the ground, dissolves in water and escapes to the atmosphere at the ground surface.

  • High longitudinal rigidity The high longitudinal rigidity of AWADUKT Thermo pipes prevents sagging, so that condensation is safely discharged instead of forming puddles at the lowest points. Pipes with inadequate longitudinal rigidity are not to be recommended for ground-air heat exchangers.

  • Inlet Units Inlet units are also available, the air is passed into the ground-air heat exchanger through an air inlet tower. The air is filtered by either a course of fine filter to BS EN 779, eliminating dust and pollen.

Domestic Applications

1) Air Inlet Tower With a range of filters (G4 or F6) for hygienic, dust and pollen free air supply.

2) AWADUKT Thermo Pipe System - Solid walled PP pipe for optimised heat conductivity - Antimicrobial inner layer to prevent microbial growth - High longitudinal rigidity for reliable condensation discharge - Radon-proof by virtue of special sealing system - Wide range of fittings

3) Condensation discharge This is installed towards the end of the system to remove any condensation formed during the heat transfer

4) Heat recovery unit

5) Distribution of fresh filtered air

6) Extraction of warm, stale air

7) Ring Seal

For a typical domestic application, a minimum of 40m of pipework is required. This is either with a loop around the building or by a meander pattern. The optimum pipe diameter for air flow rates of up to 300m3/h is 200mm. For air flow rates up to 450m3/h, DN250 pipe

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