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Gibbons Engineering Group Ltd serves as a key provider of products and services catering to a diverse range of sectors including manufacturing, production, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and HVAC. Operating within a network of affiliated companies, Gibbons manufactures electric motors and fans, designs and installs humidification systems, produces MCC and control panels, and offers supply and installation services for industrial and HVAC frequency inverter drives. Their dedicated Service team further extends support with a comprehensive range of HVAC site services, spanning from inverter drive upgrades to on-site condition-based monitoring.


Specialising in on-site service, repair, refurbishment, and upgrades for air and water systems, Gibbons Engineering Group Ltd boasts recognised expertise in inverter drive technology. The company has garnered significant acclaim from ABB, earning the distinction of being among the select few "Drive Alliance" Partners. The ABB Drives Alliance, renowned as the UK's foremost technical distributor of low voltage AC drives, prides itself on providing unparalleled technical knowledge and support. Gibbons Engineering Group Ltd is committed to delivering excellence and superior outcomes to its clientele through a combination of innovation, vision, and integrity. Their offerings encompass a comprehensive spectrum of drives ranging from 0.12kW to 400kW, ushering in unprecedented levels of service quality.


Catering to a diverse clientele base including consultants, OEMs, building managers, engineers, facilities managers, and end-users, Gibbons Engineering Group Ltd boasts a team of seasoned engineers backed by extensive facilities located in Tollesbury, Essex.

Gibbons Engineering Group Ltd

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