FAQ about our Filling and Emptying Equipment

FAQ about our Filling and Emptying Equipment

We are now onto our 5th Episode of Frequently Asked Questions. Today I will be answering those on our Filling an Emptying Equipment. We have two main products in this area, our Engineered Delivery Nozzles and our Drum Filling Head. To avoid confusion I will be answering 5 questions about both. Without further ado I will start on Nozzles…

Engineered Delivery Nozzles

Engineered Delivery NozzlesDo you offer both Automatic and Manual Filling Nozzles?

Yes we certainly do. The manual nozzle is effectively a valve with a dead mans handle. Pull the trigger to open the valve and let it flow, release the trigger to stop the flow. The Automatic nozzle works on a similar principle to that of a nozzle you fill your car up with. Once the fluid reaches the top of the container it will sense the back pressure through a small tube and mechanically shut off the flow.

What Materials do the nozzles come in?

They are manufactured in two main materials, Stainless Steel and Hastelloy. For special projects, where the fluid is not compatible with either steels, we can coat the internals of nozzles in Hallar.

Can we buy food grade nozzles?

Yes, many of our nozzles are in use in the food and drink industry. Subject to the standard, we can supply FDA seals, polished inserts, Tri Clamp connections etc.

Can we customize the Nozzles to suit our needs?

Yes, every nozzle is made to order. Whether it’s special end connections, long lances, vapour recovery or more we will manufacture the nozzles to suit the needs of you the customer.

Do the nozzles come with a Guarantee?

Our Engineered Delivery Nozzles are of the upmost high quality. We are extremely proud to be able to offer a 36 Month Guarantee subject to wear and tear. Yes that is correct, three years!

Drum Filling Head

Engineered Drum Filling HeadWhat containers can this be used for?

The drum filling head is made to order. It can be connected to drums, casks, IBC’s and more. The connection to the containers are generally via a BSP thread, special IBC adaptor or a snap on connection.

How Does Automatic Cut Off Work?

We have a couple of solutions that are connected to the centre of the drum filler. The first is a tuning fork, once fluid hits the fork it sends an electrical signal off to stop the pump. The second is a flotation device, again when then the fluid hits the float it sends an electrical signal off to stop the pump.

What Materials does the Drum Filler come in?

Similar to the Nozzle, they are manufactured in two main materials, Stainless Steel and Hastelloy. For special projects, where the fluid is not compatible with either steels, we can coat the internals of nozzles in Hallar or PTFE. We can also change the material of the Drop tube to a plastic polymer.

What other ports are included on the drum filling head?

As standard the Drum Filling Head comes with two main ports, a product and a vapour recovery. We can where necessary also fit the drum filler with a nitrogen purge for those who wish to ensure all harmful vapours are gone.

Is Bottom Filing an Option?

Yes, the drum filling head can be fitted with an extended lance. This helps with foaming products or those where splash back needs to be reduced. Remember, if the drum filling head is fitted with a long lance it can be quite challenging to handle, we therefore recommend the containers are accessed by a raised platform or a bungee is in operation.

We always work together with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process, so get in touch with us today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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