“Porch pirates” is a term used for thieves who steal products from the doorstep of homeowners

“Porch pirates” is a term used for thieves who steal products from the doorstep of homeowners

“Porch pirates” is a term used for thieves who steal products from the doorstep of homeowners. With more people ordering goods online than ever before, the cases of package thefts have increased across the UK.

In this blog post, we will share some tips for preventing porch pirates from stealing goods you order online.

  1. Request a Delivery Confirmation

One way to prevent pirate porch from stealing your package is to request delivery confirmation. This is an option offered by all major delivery service providers including DHL and FedEx.

If you won’t be at home when the package arrives, you can redirect the delivery service to your trusted neighbour. This is one of the cheapest ways to theft-proof your packages.

  1. Alarm Monitoring

Another inexpensive way to burglar-proof your packages are to install an alarm monitoring system. In the UK, Dualcom and BT Redcare alarm monitoring offer valuable security services to the residents. They can alert the police if a burglar is seen stealing your package from the doorstep of your home.

  1. CCTV Camera

Installing CCTV cameras in front of the doorstep is another way to deter porch pirates. A lot of times homeowners buy a surveillance system where the camera remains conspicuous. The thieves steal the package thinking that they are not being watches.

A visible surveillance camera will deter thieves from even getting close to your home. It will act as a deterrent protecting your home against porch package thieves.

  1. Request Package Delivered to Workplace

You should enter your work address as a shipping destination if your company accepts packages of employees. The delivery person will deliver the package to your work where you can pick it up when at the office.

Small companies usually don’t have mailrooms. You can request your employer to accept the delivery of the package at the workplace. Most will gladly help if you convince them about the dangers of porch thieves at your home.

  1. Look for Delivery Notification

Many delivery service providers notify individuals when the package is delivered. You should keep a lookout for delivery notifications near the date of delivery.

  1. Ask Neighbours for Help

You should request your neighbour to notify you in case they see a package at the door. Ask them to call you if they see a suspicious-looking person inspecting a package at the front door.

You can also propose a Community Watch service. Individuals in the neighbourhood can help each other out in protecting delivered packages from getting into the wrong hand.

  1. Doorbell Camera

Installing a doorbell camera is also a great way to protect your home. You can talk with the delivery person who rings a bell after delivering the package. If you have installed a remote electronic door lock, you can also unlock the door to let the delivery person place your package inside the house.

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