6 Home Security Trends in 2021

6 Home Security Trends in 2021

Home security is important for every homeowner. Security solutions can help deter and also catch vandals and burglars. Installing home security systems provide you with peace of mind so that you can relax and have fun in the confines of your home.

Home security solutions are becoming smarter and reliable with each passing day. Here are some top home security trends you should know about in 2021.

  1. Wireless Surveillance System

Wireless surveillance systems are gaining popularity amongst homeowners. Installing a wireless surveillance system allows more flexibility when it comes to the placement of the system. You can place the system anywhere.

More people are buying wireless CCTV and intercoms since it saves them the cost and hassles of wiring the devices. The surveillance system can be installed at the convenience of the homeowners anywhere inside the house.

  1. Integrated Security Solutions

A lot of homeowners are opting for integrated security solutions. These home security systems are connected to mobile devices, allowing homeowners to monitor their house using a smartphone. They can control the door locks, lights, and CCTV cameras using their mobile phones.

Mobile apps allow homeowners to monitor their homes from anywhere. They can call the security personnel if they notice vandals or burglars trying to get inside the house. The integrated solution sends automated alerts and more to allow homeowners to take timely steps to protect their homes.

  1. Smart Door and Window Security

Doors and windows are a common entry point for thieves. Smart doors and window security provide an extra level of protection against criminals. The systems are connected to the net allowing you to monitor the environment from any internet-connected device.

One smart door security piece of technology is the doorbell camera. This small security device has become popular as they offer convenience and security. These cameras have special sensors that detect motion. The camera provides security at different levels. Potential burglars will be intimidated by a camera looking at them due to which they will look for another target. In addition, the doorbell camera captures videos that can help in identifying a criminal.

  1. Network Security

Most home security systems available today are internet-connected. They connect to the internet and record footage online. But these devices are also vulnerable to online attacks. That’s why many people are investing in cybersecurity network solutions to prevent hacking of the network.

The online security solutions monitor the network to which your smart internet-enabled security devices are connected. These solutions prevent hackers from gaining access to the network. As a result, you can rest at ease knowing that hackers could not gain control of your smart home security solutions.

  1. Environment Security Solutions

A lot of homeowners in the UK are investing in air quality monitoring devices. The devices have sensors that record a lot of environmental variables apart from smoke. Modern environment monitoring solutions can detect temperature, humidity levels, and dangerous gases. The devices will inform you in case of dangerous air quality.

  1. Automation

Security devices with automated features are also becoming popular. Automated features that are becoming standard include alerts, locking and unlocking doors and videos, and contacting security personnel.

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