5 Workplace Security Tips

5 Workplace Security Tips

Workplace safety should be a priority for every business. Taking measures to ensure the safety of workers will help in creating trust and improving the reputation of your company. Ignoring workplace safety can land you in legal and financial trouble.

With that said, are you now wondering how you can make your workplace more secure? Here are effective workplace security tips to ensure the safety of workers.

  1. Commercial Surveillance System

Monitoring suspicious actions inside and outside the office are important. You should buy state-of-the-art commercial CCTV cameras to monitor and secure the premises.

Make sure that the CCTV system has a motion detection feature. This will alert the security personal in case of any movement in the area that is being monitored using the surveillance system. Other important features include HD display, network connectivity, and video recording.

  1. Video Intercoms

Consider installing a video intercom at the entry gates. These will allow security personnel to confirm the identities of persons who enter the premises.

Video intercoms display the face of persons at the gate. Guards can not only talk to the individuals but also view their faces. This provides an extra bit of protection to keep the workplace safe and secure.

  1. Commercial Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are also a must-have workplace security solution. Consider buying commercial alarms that are compliant with British and European standards to keep your business safe. Look for alarms that meet the BS 4737, BS 8243:2010, and PD6662:2017 standards.

Commercial alarms are monitored by an alarm receiving centre such as Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM) or Southern Monitoring Service (SMS). These are accredited by the NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centres that ensure the highest quality of security monitoring.

  1. Access Control Systems

Access control systems are essential to secure entry gates at the company. You can buy access control systems with a digital pad, proximity fob, or card reader features.

Buy a commercial access control system having a digital keypad with back-lit stainless keys. This will allow people in the night shift to better see the keys in low light conditions.

  1. Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are also important for the safety of the workers. In fact, they are a mandatory requirement for every public and commercial building in the UK.

Businesses should install fire alarms with advanced protection such as smoke and heat detectors, call points, and sounders. Commercial alarms with advanced protection may be costly. But the high cost is worth it due to extra protection at the workplace.

Make sure that the fire and smoke alarms are checked at least every three months to ensure that they are in working condition. Most alarms run on batteries that require replacement at regular intervals.


Every company must ensure workplace safety. The right workplace security solutions in the UK can help in keeping the employees safe and secure.

Never compromise on the safety of your workers. The investment in workplace security solutions will be worth it due to the improved trust and reputation of the company.

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