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The Prince’s Mayday Network Annual Report 2011
In 2011 Duraweld Ltd joined The Princes’ Mayday Network, and along with over 3600 businesses it reported back on its sustainable journey by imparting information on its carbon emissions, progress in waste, water and travel. Duraweld Ltd are honoured to be featured in The Prince’s Mayday Network Annual Report 2011 as it is a testament to its endeavours to become more sustainable in its manufacturing processes and the products it offers. Alex Gourlay, the new Chair of Business in the Community’s Environment Leadership Team and Managing Director of the Health and Beauty Division at Alliance Boots commented: “This report shows how far the business community has come in our thinking. When the Mayday campaign was first launched in 2007 the emphasis was on climate change and carbon management. While this message is as urgent as ever, the essential role that the natural environment plays in all of business and society has becoming increasingly important. For that reason this report and our campaign highlight the breadth of issues and the importance of action by all business units. Those companies that embed the necessary changes to their mainstream business early on have the opportunity not only to survive long term, but to really lead the way towards a prosperous, sustainable future for us all.” Katie Webber, Business in the Community’s Environment Director said: “The recession has seen the issues of climate change and environmental degradation slip down the public agenda. It’s time to stop thinking of this just as a problem to be solved and look at it as the mainstream and monumental business and employment opportunity that it is. Our report shows how beneficial action to create a sustainable economy can be for business. The fact that many of the companies who are part of our Network are starting to imagine a very different, sustainable future business model is hugely encouraging, and could provide the kick start our economy so needs. We will continue to work with the Network and the wider business community to help them do things differently in the year ahead.” Duraweld Ltd achieved “High Scoring New Entrant” and “Carbon Reduction Award 2011” joint winner in the Yorkshire and Humber Environment Index 2011. Hannah Senior will be speaking about Duraweld’s achievements at the forthcoming Business Unusual Conference, to be held in Leeds on the 9 December 2011.

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